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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Soundarya Munusamy



Soundarya Munusamy


Love & Kindness

Love & Kindness

6 mins 242 6 mins 242


Asha – A young girl of age 20

Arun – Asha’s cousin, Manju’s son

Manju – Mother of Arun

Ramya – Asha’s Friend and Arun’s lover

Manju – Asha’s aunt, father’s elder sister, Arun’s mom

Arjun – Asha’s friend, college mate

Asha & Ramya were friends

Asha & Arjun and Arun & Ramya


Once there a girl who named Asha, whose parents were passed away in the accident when she was 10 years old. In the absence of Asha’s parents, she was taken care by her aunt Manju, her father’s elder sister. Manju was always a rude aunt to Asha. She did all her schooling in the hostel after her parents passed away. Manju had only one son named Arun, who was same age of Asha. While Manju take care of Asha for a name shake, but his son takes care of Asha as she was her uncle’s daughter. But Manju always seeks partiality with her son and Asha. Asha took all her studies in the hostel but during the holidays she used to visit her aunt’s home. Asha and Arun were very good friends from childhood. They both used to play together in their childhood days.

Now Asha was 20 years old and she was doing her bachelor’s degree. Arjun, who was tall, normal looking guy, usually dressed up in casuals. Where Asha was not much tall, but shorter than Arjun. She was fair looking, long straight hair, usually dressed up like a normal Indian girl. One day Asha was depressed by her aunt’s behavior and upset. She was sitting in a roof under a tree in a college campus. Arjun just noticed that and went to Asha and asked whether she was fine. And also, he just asked her that if you have any problem, she can share it with him. But Asha was not interested to share her problem with Arjun, as he was an unknown new guy and a stranger. But Arjun catches that what she was thinking of. Then Arjun just sat near Asha and you can trust me, and I will be your good friend. Then Asha told everything about her to Arjun. This makes them a good friend. Later they used to talk daily about each other’s family, their routine life, their sorrows and all. Now Asha was very comfortable with Arjun. Sometimes Arjun accompany Asha for shopping. Days pass by Asha shares about her parents’ accident, her rude aunt’s behavior and everything to Arjun. By knowing all these things, Arjun was by the side of Asha and helps to comfort her and make her happy. After the arrival of Arjun in Asha’s Life, she was feeling very happy and enjoyed. Likewise, Arjun was very happy with Asha. Even they both were helping each other in studies. When the days moves on, they became very close and started loving each other. By this time the semester holidays came. It was nearly for 15 days.

Asha has gone to her Aunt’s home, where Arjun was missing her a lot. Even Asha was also started missing those days and the time they spent together. These 15 days were like a year for both, as they were missing each other. When Asha was in her Aunt’s home, she had chance to meet her school mate Ramya on the shopping mall. Then a week later Ramya came to meet Asha in her Aunt’s home. Ramya was introduced to Asha’s aunt Manju and to her cousin Arun. Even Ramya knows about Arun and his mom too. Then Ramya, Asha and Arun moved out for a movie. All three had a very good time together. This time makes Arun and Ramya become good friends. Asha’s holidays came to an end and now she was back to her college.

Arjun and Asha both were excited to meet other as they missed each other a lot during their holidays. They both met during the lunch break and shared everything about the holidays. Then they were as usual spending their time together, moving out for shopping and enjoying each other’s company. While this was going on one side, on the other side Arun and Ramya started becoming close to each other. They both become very close and started loving each other. Later, Arun says to his mom that he loves Ramya and wants to marry her. Manju was very happy with that, as she like Ramya very much. Then Ramya also told this to her parents. Ramya’s parents were both confused at the beginning, then later when Ramya told about Arun and his family to her parents they were satisfied and finally they were okay with that. This news told to Asha by Ramya. Asha was very happy after hearing this news. Ramya’s parents and Manju were decided to arrange an engagement. But meanwhile Manju thinks about Asha, so she started searching Broom for Asha. After knowing this, Asha was not able share her feelings to her aunt. Asha was much feared while speaking to her aunt, as she was always rude with her.

Arun and Ramya’s engagement were fixed and all the arrangements was going well. Asha came home a week earlier for the function. Arjun was also accompanying with Asha for Arjun’s engagement. Arjun was now introduced to everyone as friend. Later, Asha told Ramya about their plan to marry Arjun and they both were loving each other. And also, that she was not able to tell this to her aunt. Then Ramya told this to Arun and even he was happy for Asha. Now all of them planned to tell this to Manju. When this news goes to Manju’s ears, she was scolding Asha and told that she should marry the guy that she selects. All of them was unhappy with Manju’s behavior. But leaving all these things, the engagement was completed in a happy way. Then Asha and Arjun were back to college. Asha was much worried about her aunt’s behavior, where Arjun consoles Asha that everything will be fine, we will keep our hope. They both had a hope that their aunt will be agree one day. After this Arjun told everything to his parents that he wants to marry Asha. They were very happy and agreed for this. Then Asha went to meet Arjun’s parents, they were happy with Asha and her good character. Asha and Arjun informed this news to Arun and Ramya. Now all of them were happy with this but the only thing was they have to convenience Manju.

Then, Ramya started taking to Manju frequently like a daughter. She tries to change Manju from a rude aunty to a good person. Ramya put his maximum efforts to change her in many ways. Arun also helps her a lot for changing his mom to good caring nature. Ramya, Arun, Asha and Arjun all together planned many ideas and tried to change Manju. After 3 months of efforts, they got success in their plan. Then Manju started being kind to Asha, all of them was shocked on seeing this and they were very happy to see this change in Manju’s character. In a month of time, Manju changed to kindhearted person. Now Manju accepts Asha decision of marrying Arjun. Now all of them were very happy with this. Manju and Arjun’s parents meet and planned to arrange an engagement for them. With the efforts of Ramya and help of all, at last now Manju becomes kindhearted person. Every problem has a solution, that is in our hands. We should not be quite by seeing that, we should start to change it and at last it becomes success. Now the Happy ending of the story was the marriage of “Asha & Arjun” and “Arun & Ramya”.


MORAL - Our Life on Earth is once, so spread Love, Care and Affection to all as much as you can.

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