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Saumya Garg



Saumya Garg


Lost And Found

Lost And Found

3 mins

“Stay grounded while you touch the sky,

Sometimes, insert a ‘we’ instead of an ‘I’.

A mantra for success you must follow,

Humility abounds in a pie offered

And exchanged for a marshmallow.”

And here ends our lesson, Lost And Found, said Ms. Jane. Among the many pupils present, for most, it was just another poem read. But for Mario it was a turning point, changing his notions about friendship, forever. As Ms. Jane went on to conclude the class, Mario's guilt-stricken conscience was close to its realization.

“Friends are the family you get to choose. It’s a bond so pure that doesn’t distinguish between white or black, everyone should be befriended, don’t you think Jack? They aren’t just another secondary group in the social setting, but a group that provides a feeling of belongingness.”

Unlike other days Ms. Jane’s words weren’t just a combination of alphabets dancing between her mouth and Mario’s ears that failed to enter his brains. The lesson held a very different meaning that day. And there came the striking feature, enabling him to break from the shackles of the conventional mindset, clearing his dilemmas and ultimately setting him free.

“The beauty of this relationship lies with the fact that it isn’t governed by the status of the person, not judged by appearances and not directed by prejudices. An experience worth a try. And so, let us all try to be friends, okay?”

Ms. Jane’s concluding comments were like a stone thrown in the calm water, creating many a ripple. Only if Ms. Jane knew what magic her words did that day she would’ve extended the session. However, Mario was elated that school was over, and he could head home. After all, he had something important on his mind that could not wait another day.

Entering the posh area of the suburbs of California, one would hardly admire to stop by a demolished house under construction. Behind the wobbly door was a tramp, unaware of what life had in store for him. Making his way through the debris and the door, Mario managed to find Tom. Tom’s face lit up on seeing Mario and his cheekbones lifted with a big grin and his dreamy blue eyes suddenly gleamed, as if a soul was rejuvenated with its long-lost sheen. The power of friendship was felt by both. Mario apologized for his demeanor and for refusing to play with Tom. Their eyes welled up with tears. With a tilted head and a smile, Mario extended his right arm as if tacitly asking, will you be my friend? They suddenly hugged each other and cherished the lovely bond they had.

Ms. Jane’s lesson won’t be forgotten for a lifetime. After all, Mario lost an I, and found a Friend.

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