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Long Distance Friendship

Long Distance Friendship

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What do you call it when 2 people love each other and stay miles apart? 

Long-distance relationship??? No. 

"Long-distance friendship" It is. 

Cause long-distance best friends is so underrated...!!!!!

Everyone is interested in knowing everyone's love stories. But what about friendship stories? 

From laughing together to cry for each other, loving secretly (cause best friends don't tell how much they love you) to getting jealous (when you hang out with new friends), making fun of others to each other. Friendship makes you feel every emotion in the world. 

You feel happy, you feel alive, you feel fresh, you feel energetic, you feel protected whenever that idiot is around you. There's this one person who loves you like your lover, cares for you like your mom, scolds you at your mistakes like your dad, protects you like a brother, share things with you like a sister. And still, friendship is so underrated. 

Imagine you are feeling low, your best friend comes, jumps to your bed, slaps you 3-4 times for no reason, laughs at your heartbreak story saying "beta, kavi baap ki v sun lia kar". He quotes all your mistakes from 1947 for not listening to him. Now you are defending yourself and counting his mistakes at the same time. And suddenly you realize you have started feeling good again. 

Now coming to my favorite animal. She belongs from Patna, now in Delhi. I met her in college. I still remember when I first saw her. She was with her friends, I was with mine. We just talked for like a minute or so, and I was of opinion that we can't be friends, she is sooooo not my type. I was pretty sure the weather was the same over there too. 

As time passed, she and her friends started mingling with my ones. And there's this weird bro code (by default) with friends is that "Dost ka dost, mera v dost..dost ka Dushman, mera v Dushman" So we both had to interact again, unfortunately. But this time it lasted more than a minute and slowly it became very regular for us. Now we used to talk the entire day. 

"Bro, if you are not coming just tell me beforehand. I can't take the torture of teachers alone and moreover I get bored" I said. "But I was suddenly not feeling well, and how would I know you get this bored without me? And By the way, you also vanished the entire day with your NEW friends, and I was roaming alone here 'n there the other day" she replied. I had no answer to this. 

I was heading towards home and she texted "probably we didn't realize how much we enjoy each other's company until today". She was right. We take things for granted when it's in front of us and easily available. 

And that's how we started. We became the best of friends. We enjoyed our best phase together, we used to laugh together, make fun of teachers together, made so many plans together. We were at our best time and making memories silently. 

It was the last day of college, everyone became emotional. Everyone made promises to see everyone, to stay in touch. But we didn't say anything to each other. We both were silent, hugged each other, and left. 

Weird right? No.. It wasn't. Cause deep down we knew we have to talk we have to be in touch to live, to survive in this world else both of us gonna die..

And from that very day, this long-distance friendship started. She was in her hometown and I was at mine. We were determined we are not going to loose on our friendship because of the "distance" factor. 

We used to talk everyday, message each other, and share things with each other as usual. Everything was going well until the day I got pissed off at her when her phone went unreachable for 3-4 odd days. "What the hell is wrong with you and your phone? You know how much I got scared?" I said angrily. "But this happens here every now and then. Network bandwidth is not that good here" she replied. I realized that the "distance" factor has started working now. 

At that time I was preparing for my further studies, and she was busy with her office. Still, somehow we used to manage some time to see each other. Whenever we met I used to get this one warm, tight hug from her which silently said how much she has missed me. Our endless conversation and laughs made people think both of us as mad for sure. This continued for a year and a half. 

One fine evening she texted "Hey, I have good news to share with you"..." Hurry up, what is it? I'm so excited though" I replied. "Very soon I am going to Delhi for long term basis" I received this text from her. More than being happy for her I became sad

I thought it was so selfish of me for not wanting her to go there fearing I am going to lose her permanently. I didn't call/text her for a few days. Suddenly I got her message, "If you are thinking I'll forget you after going there, then I must tell you that you are not very lucky." Perhaps she understood my silence well. "By now, I am convinced that there's no one who can tolerate me better than you" she further texted, and suddenly smile flashed in my face. "Duffer, it's your dream, go there. But promise me you'll call me" I replied. 

Now it's been 4 years she's happily settled there and its been 5.5 years of our long-distance friendship and We are still best of friends. From talking for hours, sharing darkest of secrets to making fun of each other, some things never change.

It's almost 2 years we haven't seen each other. Connected through calls, texts and heart ❤ 

“The love that comes from friendship is the underlying fact of a happy life."

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