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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Rima Jain



Rima Jain


You Are The Woman, Who Inspires Me Daily!!

You Are The Woman, Who Inspires Me Daily!!

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March 8, 2021- 7.00 AM

I woke up in the morning, & by virtue of my habit I started checking my WhatsApp messages. It was flooded with Happy Women’s Day messages. I was checking all the messages one by one, but what caught my attention was a generic WhatsApp forward, which said “You are the woman, who inspires me daily”

For good ten seconds, I started asking myself who has recently touched my heart and inspired me in a number of ways. (I am someone who feels more inspired by people around me than a popular celeb. It can be my younger sister or domestic help; a colleague or a roomie.) So, I finally got the answer to that WhatsApp forward, which said “You are the women, who inspire me daily” and It’s my flatmate Sanaya aka Sana. All thanks to the beautiful new city where I recently moved and met her right before “THE” Corona happened to us.

Sana is a Mumbaikar, an Engineer by profession & a dancer by passion. Her part-time hobby also includes being a mother of everyone (literally). She’s like that typical 90s kids, loves DDLJ & a crazy fan of SRK.  I was sharing the beautiful little apartment with her and we bonded very quickly than I expected maybe because of lockdown 

I still remember when we first interacted. She seemed to be a friendly, endearing, soft-spoken in short a very likable person. What else I could ask for in a roomie….1 fine day I was feeling very tired due to office work and logged out late at night. She came to my room with a cup of kadak masala chai &  asked if we can go to the terrace for a walk. Isn’t she exactly what I described her earlier from our first meet?

We were going upstairs and I was thinking such an amazing human she is, but somehow, I had this weird feeling, don’t know why but I feel there’s something inside her that is unsaid and unheard. It can’t be as perfect as it seems! I tried knowing about it very indirectly. So finally, in one of those attempts I got to know what it is…(Thanks to all my experience of watching CID thoroughly)

So, she recently had a heartbreak. To her, it was not just a breakup. Rather it was like losing a part of her persona. And she had this smile on her face which is more like a painful one while telling this to me. Just imagine her strength!

She was never into any relationship before this, damn serious for him and so in love…But as I always believe, there’s always a destiny to everything and everyone. The person who is meant for you will always be with you no matter how tough the situation is, and vice versa. That’s exactly what I’ve told her. But in reply, she told, “maybe true, but I don’t have very good luck with love”. I wondered why she said that. I mean she’s beautiful, educated, professionally well established, and above all a pure-hearted person. Then why did she say she doesn’t have luck with love? This time I had a very strong feeling, her breakup is just a part of it, the actual thing is something else.

I always believe holding on to a bad experience is like moving ahead while getting tied to a pillar -No matter how hard you try; it never lets you move ahead in life.

21st June 2021:

It was father’s day & as usual, I was having a video chat with my father while having my dinner! Sana came to ask me if I’ll be interested to watch a new series with her. I asked her to wait for a couple of mins & she agreed as well. But all of a sudden, she left abruptly.

I went instantly to her & asked, what’s wrong? Why did you leave abruptly? Is it because I asked you to wait? I fired 2-3 questions instantly. She just said “I’m sorry, didn’t mean to be rude to you” with a chocked voice. “Hey Sana, what happened, why are you crying?”

I don’t know what exactly happened to her that time but she puked everything at me. Maybe she was so filled or no one has ever asked her this. She felt very emotional, seeing me talking to dad!

Her father always wanted a boy and Sana came into their life. So, her dad was never very affectionate towards her (like a typical MCP). She was just 2 when she was diagnosed with a serious lung infection. She used to cry a lot because of the high dosage of medicine. One day her dad threw her outside their room just because she was crying and her father was getting disturbed while sleeping. I was in complete shock!!

It was her mother & grandparents who raised her. Though she thinks her father has changed after she completed her studies and became an engineer. But was it not a very convenient time to suddenly show love to her? Even now, I guess they don’t share a cordial relationship. I mean I’ve never seen her talking to her father.

Being a girl, I can totally understand the importance of a ‘Father’ in a ‘Daughter's life. He’s the man whom she looks up to, whom she treats as a role model & if there’s a problem she tends to fill the gap by giving more importance to her. I guess that’s what she did & unfortunately, that person also chose to break her trust. She failed badly there also.

In a very shocking state, it was very hard for me to even imagine. I mean she’s such a nice & caring person but what she went through & maybe still goes through the pain. And the fact that she’s smiling and always smiling is just a way of hiding things from others.

You never know what a person is going through & hiding behind their smile. I was feeling so blessed and at the same time saluting her strength. She made me realize, how we should be thankful to our loved ones for being there with us always and never take them for granted.

Now I understand why she’s so caring and loving towards everyone. Simply because she never got the care and affection which she deserved. And as I truly believe, “Someone who has been hurt deeply knows how to love deeply as well”

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