Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.
Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.

Meghna Sen

Children Stories Drama Romance


Meghna Sen

Children Stories Drama Romance

Kingdom of Rewa

Kingdom of Rewa

3 mins 228 3 mins 228

A kingdom reeks of the opulence of its royalty, it speaks of its legends and seeks to change the future of its successors. The kingdom of Rewa was no exception. Rewa was a fine land with a helmed by an absolutely fine lad. Prince Samudra was sublime, genuine and empathetic, qualities that have haunted him as a ruler but he refused to change. 

Samudra is a temporary king under the tutelage of Vikram Kaka. He is the exact opposite of Samudra. He is keen on mending Samudra's ways but hasn't been successful yet. Vikram kaka was ruthless and a shrewd diplomat who desired to pul Samudra's strings all his life. Will Samudra realise his true motive? Can he save his kingdom from the hands of the many enemies he has gained after assuming the throne?

Samudra had always shown traits of greatness from the time he was young. He had grown up to be the righteous heir that his mother had dreamed of. He lost his mother at a tender age when he was still vulnerable, still getting accustomed to the ways of the world. 

Mahendra II, his father had lost control of his administration after the demise of his beloved wife. He had given in to alcohol. 

Vikram kaka his father's distant relative had taken control of the affairs. He continued to spew venom in the mind of Samudra but his attempts remained futile. 

Vikram kaka was planning on taking control of the kingdom with the aid of a few enemies kingdoms.

This was pre-independent India and Rewa was a princely state. 

Our biggest enemy was of course the British and so was Rewa's.

Vikram kaka wanted his daughter Savitri to marry Samudra which would make her the future queen.

Though he wanted to gain control and supremacy. But he also wanted Samudra to be on the throne. He wanted Samudra to be a puppet king.

Savitri was unlike her father. She always has affection for Samudra and intended to heal him from every pain, rescue him from every predicament and be his companion in the true sense.

Savitri and Samudra get bound in holy matrimony. No one was happier than Vikram kaka and he had his reasons to smile. 

Soon after the marriage, Vikram kaka wanted the state to sign the treaty that would create an alliance between the British and the state. He wished to use his daughter to get the deed done. 

She agreed while keeping her husband's security in mind. Her father could harm him. She made her father divulge his plans.

She later revealed his true motives to her husband who was shell-shocked. He had never questioned Vikram kaka's loyalty. 

The couple plans an attack in secrecy. They decide to expose Vikram kaka in front of the court so that he loses the trust of his allies.

On a fateful day, the plan comes alive finally exposing the evil mastermind. Vikram is imprisoned and the kingdom is now in safe hands.

King Mahendra II also realises that he had put faith in the wrong people. He congratulates his son and daughter-in-law. Samudra now becomes King Samudra and Savitri is the new queen.  

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