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Rachael Sonalie



Rachael Sonalie


It's Things Of Those Days

It's Things Of Those Days

9 mins 378 9 mins 378

The story is narrated by the adult version of the main character, Heer and Sriraam. The story starts in 1990, in Delhi, India. Heer Bharatwaaj, a 16-year-old student of Kendriya Vidhyalaya school lives with her uncle and aunt, their daughter and her cousin Priya and seems and her father Prem, elder brother Rohan. Sriraam, a 17 year old is living in a hostel in naintal. He is happy for lucky, good looking boy and shift to Heer school. She suddenly fall for him and tries to gain his attention. But Heer ends up in situation where she has to stand against Sriraam. Here , Heer proves Sriraam guilty due to a misunderstanding, where in fact he is innocent and its Heer brother who has actually stolen the paper due to pressure from his father. Sriraam is therefore slapped by Heer's father and Heer's father questions Sriraam upbringing. Sriraam this develop hatred for Heer and decide to take revenge by engaging in a bet, wherein he has to make Heer say "I love you "to him. Sriraam tries his best to win bet while virat is in love with swati, Heer's best friend.

After few months, Heer school goes for a trip to mount Abu, where Sriraam pretend to be in love with her. Heer thinking his attention to be true, confess her love. At that moment, she learns of the bet and becomes heartbroken and depressed, hating Sriraam.

Sriraam now realizes that the he too has fallen for her. so to gain her back, Sriraam tries different ways of apologizing. Herr father holds Sriraam responsible for this and ask him to serve rohan. During this punishment, Sriraam helps the Heer family and wins Heer hearts. Heer stubborn at first but later forgive Sriraam and start their relationship fresh.

Sriraam shares about his relation to his grandpa, who likes Heer very much. He asks to give his wife's sari to Naina to be worn on the farewell day. But unfortunately, Sriraam's grandpa passes away. He becomes depressed. So, he is taken to punjab to overcome depression. Sameer faces a lot of problems in Delhi due to his step-dadi (Kitu Gidwani) who doesn't like his presence. Sriraam bonds with his Step-brother siva and his Step-sister Deepika. Heer and Sriraam, though separated for almost a year, love each other very much and their relationship goes strong. Sriraam returns to delhi within a year and the couple reunite.

After schooling, Heer and Sriram enroll in VJN College. Sriraam thinks that everyone who loves him has died due to which he distances himself from Heer. On the other hand, Heer constantly tries to get Sriraam out of this thought and does a lot of effort to win back Sriram. Mr and Mrs fresher contest is approaching and Sriram refuses to take Heer as his partner. In order to convince Sriraam to become his partner, Heer steals Sriram shoes and socks and ran. Sriraam ran barefoot after Heer and got injured in his foot. Later on, Heer succeeds in winning back Sriram but it's only Sriram who becomes Mr Fresher while Sunaina, Heers rival becomes Mrs Fresher.

One day, Sriram takes Heer on a trip to celebrate her birthday, and Heer reaches home very late. While she is scared about facing her family's wrath, her family is busy questioning rohan and Shefali, who is their neighbour, about their relationship. Shefali confesses that they are in love but rohan denies as he is scared, this leads to their break-up and a humiliated Shefali is forced to leave the town. Heer now decides to break up with Sriram she doesn't want to suffer what rohan went through, which results in Sriram becoming a sage. Sriraam goes opposite his original personalities and starts wearing chappal instead of shoes. Beena decides to get Heer married to a CA, Sharad, who is very arrogant and narrow-minded. Against the will, Heer has to agree to the alliance, depressing Sriram. To woo Heer and Sriraam proposes to Sunaina, which Sunaina takes seriously. After Sharad misbehaves with Anand, Heer breaks off the alliance, to which the family agree.

One day Anand gets to know of their relation. On seeing Sriraam true love, dedication and loyalty towards Naina, he approves of their relationship. Thus, Sriraam and Heer reunite as Heer now has someone from her family supporting her. Sunaina gets jealous and constantly tries to separate the two, meanwhile breaking Swati (Heer's best friend) and Heer's friendship.

Heer later becomes the General Secretary of the college. So, Heer and Sriraam's relationship undergoes many trials and tribulations, which just makes their love stronger. Soon, there is a drama taking place at college and Heer and Kartik, who is their rival are selected as lead characters. Kartik hugs Heer on stage purposely and this angers Sriram. While trying to explain to Sriram, Heer is spotted by Taiji while saying "I love you", soon Taiji starts suspecting Heer and follows her everywhere to find who the boy is.

Anand meanwhile travels to America. In his absence, Heer goes for a bike ride with Sriraam. This is spotted by Taiji and Prem and is very much angry with Heer for having a relationship with a 'Maheshwari' and also, Prem hates him. To hide the shame, Taiji decides to get Heer married to Sharad on the same day. Heer being afraid elopes with Sriraam which creates a huge ruckus in the family. Heer and Sriraam hide at a temple with their friends until Anand returns.

Heer and Sriraam return home as soon as Anand returns. Heer, who thought Anand will support her, slaps her instead, leaving her shocked. Bela then clears the air saying she gave Heer permission to elope and how she was forced to marry Sharad. Anand apologises and promises to get her married to Sameer.

After many problems, Heer's family agrees for the marriage. But at night function, the Maheshwari's insult the Bharadwaj. This leads the families to break the engagement, much to the dismay of Heer and Sriraam. But, after a few days, both of them get to know of the hatched plan of mamaji and tauji to break the marriage. Hence, Tauji and Taiji refuse to attend any of the functions of Heer and Sriraam. But Anand assures the couple that he will conduct the marriage. Prem reluctantly helps in the marriage preparations.

Sriram heartbroken of his Mamaji's evil actions, leaves his home and decides to stay in Munna's home. However, he never leaves the idea of marrying Naina. Virat and Pandit help Sriraam in his marriage preparation.

And finally, Heer and Sriraam get happily married. But Heer now faces humiliation due to her own mistakes, like that she doesn't perform a post-marital ritual properly. She then drapes a sari in the wrong way, making Mamiji and other guests make fun of her. Her permed hair also gets exposed, which makes Heer red faced. She also makes halwa as a ritual, making it too sweet, again an embarrassing moment for her. Vivek also makes Vishakha leave her son and return to Delhi, which makes both Sriram and Heer.

Now, the newly married couple travels to Ooty for a honeymoon. Meanwhile, Juhi and Rohan's marriage is fixed.

After returning from the honeymoon they realise that they are quite immature and they keep on having arguments. After the college exams end Sameer starts working in his factory where mamaji also works. Mamaji and Devang make a plan to insult and anger Sriram so that they can throw Sriram out of the business. They do so. When Sriram returns home after he gets to know about the separation, he unintentionally shouts and slaps Heer. She goes to her Chacha ji's home for Gangaur. Meanwhile, virat's marriage is fixed and he throws a pre marriage party. There the other friends get to know about this fight. Sriraam and Heer both cry and miss each other a lot but do not call each other. Both of them share their problems with their mom and Chachi ji. When Heer gets to know about the business separation from Mamaji she rushes to go to Sriram house but gets an accident. Sriraam then realised his mistake and asks her to get up and she does. Both of them lose their ego and get together again.

The business is then separated. After that Sriraam and Heer open a boutique named SriHeer, 6 months pass and Seema gets married to Shubham, virat gets married to Reeva and Swati gets married to another man, but the boutique isn't going well. Swati makes Heer understand that she should now start getting romantic with Sriraam as he is her husband. This makes Heer give up her insecurities and make as many memories as possible while they are still in Delhi. Later, that night Sriraam and Heer consummate their marriage.

Afterwards, they travel to Mumbai to fulfil the dream of Sriraam becoming a hero. Though he faces many problems, their relationship and love remain strong.

Later on, Heer learns that she is pregnant. But reports suggest her to be suffering from chronic acidity and is not pregnant, which leaves both Heer and Sriraam heartbroken. Heer soon gets a job as a writer which is approved by Sriram and Prem. On her 1st day, she faced humiliation by her boss for no reason. As a result, she eventually resigns from that company due to the negative attitude of her boss. Heer decides now to visit Aruna Irani who accepts her story.

Meanwhile, Pundit's marriage is fixed with Seema sister-in-law aka Subham's sister, Tanvi. This alliance also brings a reunion of the friends, Pundit, Seema, Heer and Sriraam. Tanvi declines Pandit's alliance as she is in love with Aditya. They, with the help of Sriraam, have a court marriage, though parents being angry at first, later on accept and bless the couple. Heer gets the idea of her story from Aditya and Tanvi's relationship. Eventually, both relatives accept it but Nirmala Ji dislikes SriHeer. Everyone in the society watches the 1st episode of Heer's written serial with Aruna Ji.

Finally, Heer is really pregnant. Nirmala is upset with Sriraam and Heer, so she disallows Seema to meet or have any relation with them. So, to meet Heer, she cooks up a fake story of her being pregnant, which later on becomes true. Mamaji now faces bankruptcy and travels to Mumbai. He is ashamed of his evil deeds to Sriraam and Heer, SriHeer helps Mamaji of his financial crisis and forgives of all his evil deeds.

Finally, the day comes of Heer's delivery. She gives birth to a baby girl whereas Seema gives birth to a baby boy. During the babies' naming ceremony, SriHeer's daughter is named Suman Maheshwari. Afterwards, Sameer buys his Ahemdabad house and they reconcile with Taui Ji and Tai Ji. In the end, they, Virat, Pundit, Seema and Swati visit their ex-school to recreate and remember their past memories as it is the 50th anniversary of their school. The show ends with them bidding adieu to their school, thus living happily ever after.

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