Deepti Shukla

Drama Children Stories Abstract


Deepti Shukla

Drama Children Stories Abstract

Is He Alone?

Is He Alone?

3 mins

The Ray of Hope

The sun like an innocent baby opened his eyelid in the morning and felt the beauty of nature all around with the morning glory. He smiles like a small kid and blinks at the glory of the morning. His face blushes with the joy to see the dews and butterflies on flowers and giggles at the chirping of birds. He indulges in mesmerizing beauty and finds it an inseparable part of his life. It makes him feel as he is in heaven. He is going on his way losing his own self.

Gradually he sees that dews are disappearing and so as the butterflies. The birds and people going far away. The mere thought of separating with them makes him perturb and irritate. His cheeks grow warmer and red.

But he recollects his faith and determination. After all, he must have attained the height of the sky. For himself? No..Not at all. He wants nothing for himself. The memories of the rose, dews, and birds are the treasure for the whole of his life and everything is worthless for him in compare of that morning glory.

But he can’t remain with them forever. His life is not meant to enjoy and relax. He wants to see the people, nature and the whole world smiling and enjoying in daylight. He is born to spread light in the darkest and deepest corner of every heart, despite this fact that his own body is burning with the intensity of a fire.

But the deepest sorrow of his heart is that everyone is leaving him as harder he attempts to take the height for their pleasure and prosperity. There is no one around him who can console him, relax or take care of him. He feels suffocated yet he has to go to achieve the highest peak.

He feels very agitated as he finds himself alone.

His heart weeps and utters with pain,” God! What is the justice of thou art? When will thy children justify the real joy? Hath the joy always meant for them with the glittering and twinkling of stars. Hath they ever understand the love and sacrifice of mine. Why they don’t look at me. Why they attracted to the moon and stars, birds and flowers. Why God why..?

Suddenly he heard some voice, the voice of God, “No, No My dear Son. It is not so. There is someone… Someone who understands you admires you and feels your pain. If you feel it, you will find it. As it is attached to you with an unbreakable bond.

Son, oh my dear son... Why don’t you see with the eyes of your inner self, eyes of your soul?

The sun starts seeking hither and thither. Who is it? Where is it? Why he couldn’t see that. He turns his ears to his inner self, his conscience that is trying to say something. Suddenly he feels there is something wavering. Something that is shining more than the morning glory. Someone that helping him in his aim silently, unknowingly from the day one and never left him alone.

Yes. He found it at last. It is his very own Ray. The ray of hope

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