In The Dark Of The Night

In The Dark Of The Night

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It was a dark dark night... The moon had perhaps chosen to take a holiday.

Walking along the lonely street, I was deep in thought. My work kept me late at the office as usual. The day had a bad start with a missed alarm and a burst tyre leaving me with the only option of walking. Though I lived close to the office I am occasionally chided for coming home late. I promised myself I will make an effort to change this habit of mine

I was lost in my reverie when suddenly I heard a strange sound. Looking around I realized that I was alone on the street. There was an eeriness in the atmosphere. At first, I thought I was imagining it all although I hastened up, partly to defy whatever danger lurked behind the trees but mostly in fear of what could be there.

An owl screeched somewhere and I could hear the noise of the night, distant yet mysterious.

I was walking faster now .. looking ahead I could see someone sitting on one end of the street. looked like a woman- did she need help, I wondered..was she stranded?

Now I felt brave as my mind went out to the woman in distress. I was within reaching distance when I noticed her legs...It was stretched across the street from one end to the other.- a ghastly sight. ..She smiled and stretched out her long pale arms..they started growing, reaching for me...

I screamed ....but my voice was stuck in my throat..i wanted to run.away but my legs wouldn't move. I flailed my arms but they were too heavy... I felt darkness enveloping me..maybe I m about to die. I shut my eyes and screamed and screamed...

I could hear people now, they were here to help me, yes, they were calling me .. .. I slowly opened my eyes .. the daylight was streaming in from my window panes and my mother and sisters were peering at me, their eyes questioning, some worried, some amused.

I jumped out of bed ...glad to be home..glad that it was just another nightmare...and I was alive!!

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