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Neha Yadav

Drama Romance Tragedy


Neha Yadav

Drama Romance Tragedy

Imperfectly Perfect Us

Imperfectly Perfect Us

5 mins

I am sure if they should be doing this? It was only for that one night but then again who was there to stop them?

It was the crispy winter night and when the whole world was sleeping, Aarav was all ready to sneak Vanya out of her window like last time. There was this thrill running through their veins when they shared eye contact and next, everything became outcast in front of their sparkling smiles.

" Are you ready to have the most beautiful time of your life?" He asked, grinning.

" We did it last night too." She admitted, shyly.

They both held each other's hand and quietly walked in the direction of mists and fogs. Their excitement was at it's best and it wouldn't be wrong to say that even the air around them was seducing.

Vanya gripped tighter onto his wrist and followed his steps till they reach their escape. That one escape which was enough for them to forget about their demons and let their heart sink into the world of peace.

Aarav passed a quick grin at her and quickly they lay beside each other on the soft patches of grass under the illuminating light of sky full of stars. Yes, stars were their secret rendezvous.

For an AIDS victim, even the company of stars was worth everything when the world was scared to accept him.

" How long shall we continue this?" She asked, not liking the sudden change in her mood.

" Till I am alive." He replied, playing with her skinny fingers.

Seems like the duo were imperfectly perfect for each other after all the HIV patient and a rape victim shared that love for each other which was hard to be understood by the society.

They both were sure that their life was a mess but in the meantime, they have found their key to peace in stars.

Maybe cold play and Imagine dragons have no idea that what their songs do to them. Vanya's heart dance on the rhythm of "A sky full of stars" while Aarva couldn't help but find himself in the lyrics of "Demons"

From last night, they've discovered their way of happiness. They were each other's ecstasy and a beat to the heart which was like healing to them.

They have their own "If only's".

Vanya used to think that if only she wasn't brutally raped then maybe she could have enough pride to announce to the world that yes, her boyfriend is the HIV patient but he can also be accepted in this society.

And Aarav well, if only he has a chance to erase the AIDS word from his life then he would have shown his girlfriend to the world and make her realize that it wasn't her fault that she was raped.

But unfortunately, their own demons were strong enough to fight each other's demons.

"What if we get caught?" She whispered.

" We'll become the breaking news." He laughed.

" Then let's become the breaking news. "

They both shared a look with and at that moment, they both decided to play a game with fire. That fire which was already burning them.

" My mother will kill me." She pointed with a small curve dancing on the corner of her lips.

" And my family will taunt me to bleed till death." He countered.

With that, they both burst out laughing like there was nothing wrong with them. That was special about their company, even their tears couldn't stop them from smiling.

Vanya sighed and for a moment a quick thought entered inside her mind that what if they get caught? They aren't doing anything illegal. Why Rape and AIDS have seen something to be avoided? We didn't ask for this but society can support us to continue our life, can't they?

In this modern era, when we are educating our children then why can't we educate them that AIDS victim aren't untouchables and Rape victims aren't meant to be isolated?

Her trance of thought was broken when she heard the soft snoring of Aarav. She pecked on his cheeks and lay her head on his chest.

Time flew by and soon the rays of morning sun touched their face which made them realize of their unfortunate reality. For them, the morning was nothing but a curse.

When Aarav reached to drop Vanya at her home, they both were welcomed by the hatred of their families.

"What have I done to deserve such a filthy daughter? Wasn't it enough humiliation for us to have you who that now you started having an affair with him?"

" How much shame do you want your family through? First, you had AIDS and now dating this girl?"

They both held eye contact and automatically they both have an urge to laugh at the stereotypical thinking of their family members.

Aarav has accepted her flaws and Vanya has accepted his flaws than from where humiliation and shame were born? Why not together they were enough to say that people like them can also be loved?

Maybe society was never going to accept them and why would they when their own family was ashamed to have them?

Why can't we live and let others live?

This was the story of Vanya and Aarav and of their love. For everyone, their body was tainted but if only people have any idea that what actually their souls were.

People like them don't need judging eyes instead all they need is our little support which will give them hope that they aren't alone.

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