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Jaiprakash Agrawal



Jaiprakash Agrawal


I Owe My life To My Wife

I Owe My life To My Wife

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Whenever I look at my past, the image of my wife appears before me. Now after living with her for 38 years, I realize how she shaped my life and I could not have been what I am now. The sharing of my story is an eye opener for those who underestimate their wife and think that wives

are only an object of sexual satisfaction. Sex without love is like honey without sweetness. Wives are much more than an object of sexual pleasures.

I was very much excited at the time of marriage when I was 28 and my future wife was 24. She was not very beautiful but graceful. She came from a middle class family and followed social customs. I liked her instantly. I remember the first night when she could not face me directly and I also respected her modesty and passed whole night sharing our passions. It was a get to know each other night.

My earlier life in my career passed easily with pleasure in company of my wife. It was an isolated place of my work but with wife, I could not feel lonely. We enjoyed together talking and cooking and experimenting with variety of foods. Of course, we loved and respected each other. It was an easy going life with limited income but harping on positive side of saving and investment.

My life had a roller coaster experience but with my wife on my side, I never felt it. She managed not only the kitchen but also my personal and children's requirements. While I was busy in my profession and looking forward to my career advancement, she took care of all my family

commitments. I was engaged for 12 hours but my wife was busy for 16 hours and more and I could say that without her, I would not be able to exert in my work and succeed. I got energy from the food she cooked, a personality from the clothes she chose, the relaxation from her love and care she bestowed on me.

I could recollect two instances during my early career when my wife exhibited extreme patience and courage in dealing with difficult times. Once I was in Chennai on a meager scholarship and staying in one room with small kitchen. She managed in that one room on a meager

scholarship but didn’t complain. Secondly, once I was in Mumbai and living in a two room apartment with my two small children, one son of 6 years and a daughter of 3 years. I fell sick and suffered from malaria and typhoid. I was hospitalized for a week. My wife managed

household affairs, took care of my children and me and never lost her nerve. I saluted her for her unflinching dedication and sense of duty.

Now I think that women are kind and made to love and take care of their husbands and children but do we understand their sacrifices? I always felt that women have also aspirations but they sacrifice for their family. They are happy if their husbands and children are happy.

I give full credit to my success to my wife. It is rightly said that behind every successful man there is a woman. A simple example can explain this. Whatever work we do, we require energy to do so. Energy is nothing but feminine which comes from our wife. They are the inspiration.

Now I am around 70. My wife is now 66. We are both young by heart because we love and respect each other. We walk together in the morning and evening enjoying nature and chatting together. We still cook together and enjoy the company of our grand children. Even we have arguments but it’s a short time pass. Next moment, we forget and forgive and look ahead.

What could I say at this juncture? God makes the marriage in heaven and we live together in this world. This may be heaven or hell depending upon whether we love or hate. We also know that some moment, one of us will leave for heavenly abode leaving others alone but we are prepared for that. Sooner or later, others will join the predecessor. Till then, the memory will give company.

To end my story, here are some lines of my feeling

Live life in the company of flowers

With blooming love and fresh showers

Life is a journey with ups and down

Make it happy moments 24 hours

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