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Gopu and Me

Gopu and Me

3 mins

I, Babu Rajan and my friends were searching for our friends headed by Gopu; Gopu is none other than my childhood cow friend along with her companions.

Our search was over 7 neighbouring villages and I found my Gopu in the river struggling with pain and I shouted to my friend to call for vehicle and others came with me to move him out of the river.

Then the doctor checked her stomach and said the pain might be due to the intake of garbages and surgery need to be done immediately. I was in the state of immense pain and agreed to it half-heartedly.

Then my anger on my parents reached the peak but I need to wait and confirm the well being of Gopu.

I was born in the family relying highly on milk supply and its supplementary products like curd, ghee, sweets.

When I was studying in 7th standard, my father got home new black coloured cow with white scars.

I was looking at it and it stared at me. Then next day, my mother said me to pour and keep water in that container for that cow. I moved step by step close to it and it swinged it's tail and ears and shivered it's body, in fear I fell down but it came close to me and slowly hit me with it's heads 

When my mother asked me to say some name for the cow, I named it Gopu and she became my best friend 

Then doctor called me and said intake of plastics choked it's stomach and infected the cow and said to take care of it with good foods 

While taking Gopu back to home, I remembered the day when I saw her last.

The day I left for higher studies to trichy and I said to Gopu that we will meet soon but not in this state.

I entered my home and pushed the things down shouting to all why they left Gopu in miserable condition and lied to me that Gopu went missing.

Then his father said that Gopu cannot give milk and simply spending on it would not be useful.

Then I asked my father if I take take all your properties and leave you and mother out because you have given me all I needed, will you accept.

Then you used Gopu for past 10 years and throw her out is this humanity.

Then I filed a petition in our village panchayat seeking protection of abandoned cows which cannot give milk.

Then I spoke the query of disposing the wastes in public places which not only the abondoned cows eat also some cow owners does not provide their cows with food and leaves them to eat garbages out. Only some cows move into the grassfields.

So the panchayat announced that no waste things should be disposed in public and penalty will be collected when they are caught.

This revolution started to encourage other villages.

All their question was what is the use of taking care of cows which cannot provide milk.

We got the doctor, he explained to all that cow's dung can be used in biogas and it's urine can be used as fertiliser then you can meet your expenses with this method.

We thanked the doctor for his help and started organization for protection of Indian breed cows which are abandoned due to the growth of hybrid cows in India.

We did an documentary on how Indian cows are giving A2 proteined milk but the maintenance cost are high and the yield is low but the hybrid cows give A1 protein due to the strong Gene of the foreign cow which causes diseases like diabetes but their maintenance cost is low and the yield is high.

I spoke the documentary's last quote told by Gandhiji 

"We do not need Mass production but need the production of Masses which helps in the development of India".

Then I saw my Gopu regaining her health and the cows gaining their health.

Think before we dispose of something, because it is in the same place where we live.

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