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Avinash Gudidevini



Avinash Gudidevini


Golu, The Patriot!

Golu, The Patriot!

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Golu, the patriot!

Golu is a son of a rag picker, he is 7 years old and accompanies his mother and father throughout the day all around the neighborhood collecting plastic waste, empty liquor bottles and many such thrown away materials. 

While searching for some useful things in a garbage truck, Golu gets hold of a packet of bread. He rejoices! and immediately gets down the track to finish the bread as he was starving the whole night.

As soon as he opened the cover and picked a piece of bread, a puppy approached and sat in front of Golu weaning and wagging its tail. Golu looked into its eyes and understood that the puppy was hungry too, so he offered the first bread slice to it and shared the rest of the pieces. Since then they both become good friends forever.

One day as Golu was searching through the trash cans, he noticed a sequence of drum beats being played in a school ground nearby. As he could not resist himself to the drum beats he ran towards the school gate to see what was going on in the school, his pup followed him too with the same excitement.

Golu and his mate peeked through the school gate and saw children doing march past and various formations holding a pole which had a cloth tied to it. At a glance, he could not understand what was going on! but, as he continued to watch carefully he observed that a person was beating the drums in a sequence and the children were walking and doing other formations accordingly and saluting the pole. The cloth had three colors and a circle in it and this caught Golu’s special attention as the cloth was flying high.


He asked the watchman sitting next to the gate curiously! “uncle what is going on in there? and why is that colored cloth tied to the pole?. The man smiled and replied that “the children are practicing march past as they are preparing for Republic Day parade and the cloth waving in the air tied to the pole is our National flag Tiranga, these children will prepare for the next six days from today” replied the man.

The school bell rang and all the children went into their classrooms, so did Golu and his mate left the school premises just by mimicking march past performed by the students. On his way back to home, Golu saw an old woman selling small Tiranga flags at the traffic signal. He ran towards her and said “I want the one which you are holding in your hand!” the woman replied that “as the Republic Day eve is coming soon, I am selling these Tiranga flags for 10 rupees each, so you have to pay me if you want one”. It upset Golu, as he only had a 1 rupee coin with him, he went home disappointingly.

Golu continued to visit the school for the next 6 days and saw how the school children were practicing for Republic Day celebrations, he also noticed that now there were many others who were selling the Tiranga’s at traffic signals, markets, shops and everywhere else. He asked many sellers to give a flag to him but everyone quoted a higher price than the old woman earlier, he was very disappointed this time and he desperately wanted a Tiranga flag but didn't know how to get one.

The next day Golu and his puppy reached the school early to witness the Republic Day celebrations, the large crowd in the ground amazed him. He saw children wearing white uniforms, some dressed in colored clothes similar to our Tiranga flag and others dressed as police officers and freedom fighters and each one was holding a flag in their hand. 

It thrilled him to see children singing and performing at songs, he was eager to watch the march past and formations which he had been seeing for the past few days. The entire crowd cheered and applauded as kids were doing march past. Golu couldn't stop to clap till the end of formations, he then saw a person on the stage give away prizes to children for their achievements. 

All the children rejoiced as the event ended and teachers distributed chocolates. The moment they got their refreshments, the kids ran towards the exit gate. Golu, got disturbed to see that most of the children were happy to get their refreshments but were not taking due care of the flag in their hand, they were putting them on a concrete slab or throwing it up in the air, few of them even ran over the flag’s which fell on the ground.  

Once are all the children and management left for the day, Golu silently sneaked into the school, picked up all the fallen Tiranga’s and placed them on the concrete slab. He noticed a big torn flag made of plastic lying on the ground. As he always wanted a flag for some time now, he grabbed it and looked around if someone was watching him. Since no one was around he immediately folded and held in his arms and ran towards his hut.

He sat under a street light near his hut and pasted the torn flag with some rice which he used as glue. Finally, Golu was happy as he had his own flag, he placed it near the entrance of his hut and went to sleep along with his puppy outside the hut. 

Golu woke up the next morning to the barking sound of his pup, he saw a rag picker trying to pick the flag at his entrance. This made Golu angry, he picked a stone on the ground pointed at the man and shouted: “Don’t you dare to touch my Tiranga, put it back where it is and leave from here, else I will throw this stone at you!” His pup barged onto the man angrily, soon the man fled the spot leaving the flag.

With tears of joy rolling down his eyes, Golu tied the flag to his entrance once again. His puppy joined him back and they both saluted the flag just as the children did at the school.

Golu showed his patriotism towards our nation in his own way, it’s now our turn to show ours by staying united and sustain harmony in our country. Jai Hind!

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