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"Golden Moments"(Short Story)

"Golden Moments"(Short Story)

2 mins 11K 2 mins 11K

"Look, my papa is looking so lively and healthy and mummy is also looking very beautiful. Bhaiya bhabhi have ruined their life during last days of life."


"Your barat has arrived."

"Your young friends are throwing flowers."

"My all friends were dancing on song 'Aaj mere yaar ki shadi hai'. As soon as the barat reached at the door 'Baharo phool barsao, mera mehaboob aaya hai' has started."

"Yes, these two songs were common for all bride and groom."

"Your lahanga was so heavy that you are unable to handle it while climbing the stage."

"How many relatives and known people are there, some of them are no more."

"Papa, how handsome you look."

"Yes my sweetheart, that was the time before you were born, that's why you were not invited."

"These are my old friends, some of them have lost their hair and become bald by now."

"Look something interesting. Dinesh and Girish kakaji who don't want to confront and see each other's faces due to that disputed property, are embracing each other and laughing."

"What a great job you have done by converting our old marriage cassette into CD and preseved our golden moments."

"What's this? Tears in your eyes after such a long period! That's why I have not shown it to you, vidai scene is must in every marriage ceremony."

"Babul ki duaen leti ja, ja tujhko sukhi sansar mile"

"Look something more interesting, you are shedding tears by embracing your mother and father and your brother who is not allowing you today to enter his house is crying at some distance.

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