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Glasses Are Wise

Glasses Are Wise

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Welcome to the story of the mighty glasses.

Its obvious everyone has one. When I say everyone I mean everyone in the world has mighty glasses. Before you judge me, I would love to congratulate you all for successfully living on this planet earth and not dying. I mean it another way. If you are breathing, eating, sleeping, experiencing everything that comes to you through the sense organs. It doesn't matter what comes to you. But you are living.

Imagine you are walking by a lane and you see something, something you did not think to see, hear, or feel. The breeze, it hit your shoulders and hairs, you feel it. This is what I was meaning. The basic concept of life is living. There is no big thing in life than this. I told you, don't judge me.

I know most of you who read this would feel that this message is very simple and common. This is exactly what I want all of you to feel. Life is not complicated as we all think but there is a complication in everything. Here the complication is "process of knowing that life is simple"

Have you noticed a newborn baby? Newborns are the new recruits to this world. Exactly like new recruits to any institute or a company. They start to see and feel everything that comes to them. They process what they see or what is shown to them. This is important because this is how one learns to see. But it is not necessary to show him what to see forever. That is because he or she can choose what she wants to see. Our brain has the ability to do so. To grasp and learn.

Now imagine you were a newborn. What would you have liked to see? The answer is you don't have any wishes. This is because you don't know what is a wish. When you are born you are taught something. The human culture is to teach their kids something they believe in.

But why is the belief different for everyone and not common in every aspect of life. The way we dress is different, the way we speak is different, the way we eat is different. The only common thing between us is our body and the way our body processes. All are the same. So what brings the change?

The only organ in humans that brings a change in us is our brain. That is the reason we are taught about everything. The process of learning itself is what we take in and what we ignore. Something we feel and process that. Computers need reference data to process information. It's similar for us. We need data to process everything we see. our brain can only compare inputs with what reference do we have.

If you had made this far reading, you might be wondering what is the mighty glasses I am talking about. It's simply the source of our data for processing. Do you have mighty glasses?

Do you think you refer to some data before processing it or let's say making some meaning out of some data? The breeze that hit you. Don't you know why breeze occurs? How it is generated? And if its generated what could possibly be happening next. You are told by someone when you were a kid some fancy story about this breeze.

Our parents, relatives, and friends are the glasses through which we build up our data of reference when we are learning, when we are kids. From A to B, 1 to 100, papa to mamma, stars and moons, happiness and sadness. Everything is taken from them. But this is just the basic model you have it in you by default. Some people continue to have these basic glasses to perceive and accept the process of their entire life. I recommend this is just a default model you are given. Try to switch it to the mightier one.

Think for a while, why is the difference in society, why are the arguments in society, all these hatred, and wars we have seen. Have you wished this to end? This is possible if you see through mighty eyes. It's you who can make a change.

The data I talked about, the mighty glasses rechecks them. It can show you only the facts and truth and is not manipulated. It shows everyone the same. Doesn't matter who you are. This is because it takes some sacrifice to look through. One who makes these sacrifices he can see through mighty glasses. One thing he can gain is throughout his or her life its truth that is given, processed, and referred to. Won't that life be worth living than living in dark uncertainty?

Learn to recheck things, beliefs, and reason things that exist in this world. Question the differences between us and for what made us so different. Go get the mighty glasses. Seethrough the truth, see the creator.

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