Five Minute Story-IV

Five Minute Story-IV

2 mins

Dear love,

"You don't find love, love will find you".

What a load of bull! Here I'm waiting for like an eternity, but love did not find me. Nope. Maybe you missed me among hundreds and thousands of contenders. Maybe I was not deserving enough. But when I tried to find you, you came, stayed for a brief moment and decided to leave.

Like the soothing, frothing sea waves that never stay with you; no matter how badly you want them to. The next wave that comes is never similar to the first one, it may be a little too hard or a little too soft, a little too harsh or maybe too weak to make any impact.

When you first knocked on my inside's door; you took a part of myself as the waves to take some sand, when the ocean summons them back to its infinities. Now I find myself crushing under my own weight of despair and sorrow.

"You don't find love, love will find you"- yes, it did until I lost it in one of my many pockets full of insignificantly important things.

From me.

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