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It's difficult to say just anything about my father...

To say anything about Dominick Joseph Vietri could mean we'd all be here for a very long time

He was larger than life. To fit a few words into a short speach feels almost impossible so I'll just leave you with a few things he left with me

Honor : He was honor bound to serve his country and instilled in me the same principle of being an honorable man. He was loyal and faithful and dedicated. To me honor can't be found without those qualities.

Duty : He was a dutiful father...

I couldn't have imagined a better childhood. I couldn't imagine where I'd be without his guidance and wisedome. He raised a dutiful son and he can rest easy knowing I will always be there for our family.

Faith : My fathers faith was unparalleled to most. He trusted in the lord and prayed diligently and purposfuly. He believed prayer and faith could save us all... He believed faith would always lead us through the darkness.

Integrity : He was an honest man and was grounded by solid morals and values... Morals and values in which he bestowed upon me. Those same morals and values guide me everyday.

Resolve : a man who couldn't be kept down and wouldn't take no for and answer, my father always had a solution. He seemed to always have a plan. He was always willing to compromise and make sure those he loved and cared for wanted for nothing.

Patience : My foolishness in my younger days is a testement... Somehow he always knew things would work out. He said "work hard and be patient, good things will come". It stuck. I'm a slow learner but I learn. Patience is still elusive at times and something I'm still learning but its because of him I have any at all

Forgiveness : Nobody was more forgiving than my father. Again, my foolishness in my youth can attest to that. My father and I have been through a lot together. And no matter how foolish my actions and how severe the consequences he always forgave me and never left me hanging. I forgive like my father forgave because he knew how holding on to things damages the soul.

And last but no least


What can I say?

Heart attacks, cancer, open heart surgery... And that's just the tip of the iceberg

No matter what ailed him he fought like hell to keep the wolves away

He was my rock, my pillar my foundation.

My fathers strength was unequivocal to anyone I have ever known

There's so many things I can thank my father for. If I could thank him or one of those things, I'd thank him for giving me his strength. I try everyday to be a better man then I was the day before. I'm always willing to stand up and fight for what I believe in. I got that from him as well.

I am my fathers son and I know he's proud of the man Im working to become and I am proud to call Him father.

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