Alka Ealias

Drama Romance


Alka Ealias

Drama Romance



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The SUN has done his part for the day, and is settling down. It's time for the MOON to take his place. But I'm still at the hospital, after the 6 hours long operation . I too wanted to settle down like sun, but the Chief Doctor wants me take the moon's place too. I changed into my regular clothes and sat down in the chair. I had achieved what most people fail to. I successfully pursued my dream. "Dr. Eva you can leave",said Chief Dr. I hoped up from chair and thanked Chief Dr. for letting me go. 

"Where is Crystal?" asked Chief . "Something came she took half day off", I replied. After saying goodbye to Chief I left. The first step outside after 6 hours, I loosened my hair and let it free .The evening wind awakened my tired soul. It slowly passed by saying it's time to refresh. I walked towards the parking lot. I took the my car's key. Suddenly someone grabbed me from behind. "SURPRISE" said the person. From the voice I was sure it was her ''Crystal'', my crime partner . The girl with long brown hair, broad smile, and caressing attitude. 

"Chris" I said. 

"Are you tired?"she asked.

"Tired!? I'm half dead."

"Then I will drive, take a nap ."

I handed over the key and got in. I stretched my arms and closed my eyes.

"Eva, wake up .......wake up,we're home"shouted Chris.

I got up and she opened the door for me. I unlocked the door and went inside with her. For my surprise,everyone was there. My other two besties, Hena and Irene with their parents .They all seem to worried and frustrated.

"Mom, what happened? Is there anything wrong!" I enquired .

"We need to go to Kerala."said Dad.

"What? How about my job?I won't get leave!"

"We are going for something important with our business partners. You children can't come."

"Oooh, then it's okay!"

"Eva, listen four of you will be staying at our friend's house, while we are gone."

It was the moment I realise that not only my parents are leaving but everyone's. That means we four will be here alone!

"Chris, we had brought your suitcase .",said Uncle Adam,her Dad.

I sensed there was indeed something suspicious since they are in a hurry.

"You children will be moving to David's house tomorrow", said Dad.

"His son and his friends are also staying there!" Dad added after a pause.

"WH....AT", we shouted in concomitantly.


        TO  BE  CONTINUED...............

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