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Arpita Ranka

Drama Romance Tragedy


Arpita Ranka

Drama Romance Tragedy

Fate Brought Them Together

Fate Brought Them Together

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23rd September 2019

10 years later, 

I got tired waiting for him everyday. I have lost hope that he will ever come or not. I got very angry on him. He left without uttering a word. He didn't even tried to contact me. I was so lost in my thoughts suddenly I suddenly bumped into someone and as I looked up. It was him. It was really him. After 10 years I saw him. He has changed. He has become more handsome now, he is more attractive and more strong now. I was again lost in my thoughts that suddenly he said

 become more handsome now, he is more attractive and more strong now. I was again lost in my thoughts that suddenly he said

Saurav: Hey! Take my hand and get up from there. 

I thought for a second. Before I could do anything he took my hand and helped me stand up. 

Me: Thanks. I guess. 

Saurav: Welcome. You are still that much clumsy arya. 

Me: Yeah. Some habits don't changes. 

Saurav: You are right. So what are you doing here. 

Me: Taking a walk. What are you doing here? 

Saurav: Same. Taking a walk. 

Me: When did you came back? 

Saurav: Few hours ago. 

Me: Okay. 

After all these conversation a huge silence took place between us. I can't able to find any words to speak. My anger just flushed the moment I saw him. I had alot of questions to ask him but I was with shortage of words at that time. I took all the courage inside me and spoke softly; 

Me: You still remember me? 

He laughed for a moment amd said, 

Saurav: Hey silly, how can I forget you. You have made my life so much lovable. You jave taught me how to face problems. I will never forget you. 

Me: If I mean this much to you why you left without dropping any trace of yours?

He got panicked for a second then said, 

Saurav: So where do you live now? I went to your place but they told me you shifted somewhere else. 

I realized that he don't want to talk about why he left so I didn't force him. I put all my questions inside me and dare to answer him, 

Me: Yes I shifted to other sides of the town. My father got job there and my college was also there only. 

Saurav: Oh!! Very nice. From other side of town you come here for walk? There are plenty of streets that side also. Why you came here? 

Me: Some habits don't change. So? 

Saurav: So what?

Me: Why are sad? Is something happened to you? 

He laughed for a moment and then said, 

Saurav: I lost my bestfriend, I came here for a walk because this reminds me of that day when we first met. 

Me: I am sorry for your friend. What happened to him. 

Saurav: He had an accident. So therefore I came here to tell him goodbye last time. 

Me: Oh! So you came here for you bestfriend. 

Saurav: Yeah. 

Me: How long are you planning to stay here?

Saurav: 2 days. Then I'll return to New York. 

Me: Ohh! You went to New York all those years ago. Hey listen, are you free tomorrow? 

Saurav: Yes. Why? 

Me: If you are fine we can spend some time together before you go back. 

Saurav: Yes sure and I want to tell you something very important also so we will meet here tomorrow at 8 in morning. What you say? 

Me: Yeah that's great. So I'll see you tomorrow morning. Bye. 

Saurav: Bye. 

Then again we parted our ways. I was hoping that he will come tomorrow because I was tired of waiting for him. I have waited 10 years for him. I have rembered every question I want to ask him when I'll meet him but the moment I saw him I forgot everything. I forgot how he left me. I forget how he went to some other country without informing me. I forgot how I cried myself to sleep because of him. Then I heard his voice again

Saurav: Arya! Arya! Wait Arya. 

I quickly turned. 

Saurav: I forgot this time also. Why were you sad? 

I remembered the first day we met, all this happened then also. I was so scared that the history was repeating again. I gained the courage and said, 

Me: I was remembering some old times that's why I was sad. Don't you worry. 

Saurav: Okay then. Bye. See you tomorrow. Take care yourself silly. 

With tears in my eyes I said;

Me: Bye Saurav. You also take care. 

Then I went straight to my room and cried like hell. The person who made me cry all those years was in front of me. Smiling, cheerful. He didn't even told me why he left me after asking me to be his girlfriend. He just left without leaving anything. And tomorrow I was about to meet him. To the person whom I loved all those years. He was the reason I never was in relationships. I never experienced love because of him and now he just came back of nowhere. What I am supposed to do now? How will I suppose to face him again after this night? What will happen to me when he will leave again? I was lost in my thoughts suddenly my phone rang, It was my bestfriend Aditi. I picked the call and she told, 

Aditi: Dude open the damn door. I am outside of your house and I don't want to wake your parents up. 

Me: Yeah I am coming. 

I went and opened the door and she directly came to my room. She noticed my dull face and spoke without hesitation. 

Aditi: Who was the guy you were talking to on that your so-called street. 

I told her everything. Who was that guy I was talking to why and everything. She took a pause to swallow everything inside her and then she spoke. 

To be continued....... 

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