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Jaya Chaudhary


Dumb Me and My Deaf Dreams

Dumb Me and My Deaf Dreams

31 mins


"Good night sweeties. Sleep well It's too late. We have to shift early next day to Hatt Regency."

A sudden air of happiness swinged around us.

"Good night mumma! You too sleep well." said Mariosa. I clapped my lips and sent two flying kisses to our mom.

I laid down and clipped my eyes together.

I could see nothing but the dark colours of brown. Gradually with the sleep,I landed into my dreamland.

First stab!

Second and there it was.

She laid beside me in blood stained clothes. Her blue jeans, white top and blond hairs all were dripping red, drop by drop the blood soaked the entire bedsheet. The door opened and next victim was to be my mother.

Lady Garry Clemmenson, bitterly stripped and then forced. Then with no less cruelties, she was stabbed. Once, twice, thrice till the sofa was blotting in blood. Her naked bronze skin laid dead with ample of blood oozing out from everywhere of her tattered body. My dad, he sighted the scene and ran in to catch him, the beast, his golden brown eyes, curly hairs, white skin. My dad said something... May be he called out the name and I was oblivious to it. I laid there deaf... I saw my father running towards my mom hugging her tight... The blood soaked his white shirt and his hands. He cared of none either.

The beast then walked towards the stairs and my dad drenched in tears followed him. They had conversations, whispers, and a lot more arguments and I see them like an eighties movie with no subtitles and no voice.

It turned black... Everything was out of place out of order and out of my catch. I felt myself sobbing bitterly.

The sun rays kissed my eyes through the broken windowpane. I woke up to find new faces all dressed in black standing by me.

I lowered my eyes and gazed at my condition and sobbed.

I was taken to the closet, ordered by a lady to bath and change into clean pair of clothes. I could sense the warmth in the atmosphere and silently went off to the daily chores. Life turns so easily.

I went down to find my dad. There he was, in handcuffs, staring blankly at the ground. I rushed to him and hugged to instill life in his alive body with dead soul. He hugged me back.

He said to me, " Goliath, my sweetheart, daddy always loves you, your mom and your sister. I don't know if at all you would forgive me for this crime but I am....."

I looked him into the eyes. He lowered his gaze. I knew the reason and I jerked him but he still stayed silent. Annoyed of seeing him giving up. I went back to my room and hugged three pillows together. Days went by. Everyday a new face greeted me. Nights had no dreams just sobs and cries went on...


Chapter - 1

12th December 2120

"Goliath! Wake up sweetheart, you are getting late for school. Today Maria would be early at our place. Get up sweetheart." call out Mrs Johnson to me.

The same day. The same sunlight through clouds tickling my eyes through another broken windowpane. I got down the bed. As our everyday practice, Mrs Johnson kissed my forehead and cheeks. I felt important. Despite this fact, I can not return them the love they showered upon me since past 6 years. I took the garment and went straight for the shower. I reached down to find a smiling face greeting me. She was Maria. Maria was my best friend since I shifted to the West with Mrs and Mr Johnson. Maria had ocean blue eyes, the most beautiful I had ever seen after my mothers. She had a golden skin and beautiful blonde hairs which she got highlighted blue on her birthday. Maria greeted me morning and I returned it with a smile.

I was surprised to see that my chirpy bird was somehow very different and upset today. I thought of being inquisitive but being too personal was never my nature even if the person is close as Maria or closest as Mariosa to me. Mrs Johnson brought us an apple pie and a glass of milk with two sandwiches. She packed lunch for both of us. The entire breakfast was in scilence. I realised that something was fishy about today, to be honest every year on the same date I feel upset recalling everything but all what upsets me more is the inability to walk out of it.

All in a blue Maria's cell phone beeped. Breaking the continuity of my thoughts and the scilence there. It was a chat room message that tensed her even more. She switched off her cell phone and told me to keep it at my place. I agreed and took the cell phone to my room and placed it beside mine. I walked and was embraced by Mr Johnson, again as an everyday tradition. He gave me my candy as he always did for past six years and also one to Maria. We left waving bye to my foster parents.

On our way to school, generally she spoke tons of facts about the streets, I have heard from her a hundred times and I still smiled even if they were repeated. Maria was silent beyond limits like something has stolen her inner peace. We reached the school and parted our ways to head of to our first class scheduled for the day. She went her way. I headed towards mine. I don't know but I felt an urge to hug her. I turned around and ran in her direction. I stopped her and hugged her from back. She shouted in the corridor as if something had went wrong. She turned around to slap me and soon she realised it was me. The entire corridor looked around at us, Maria said, "Don't scare me Go, I love you" and hugged me.

Scare? I rushed down to comfort you. After the hug, I looked into her eyes demanding explanation to which she lowered her gaze. I don't know why but it annoyed me.

The bell rang.

I headed towards my classroom. The month of December had special chills every year and so is the sun standing like a fighter plane to resist the cold. I walked of to my class. On my way, to my classroom which was next to the staff room, I greeted every teacher, bowing low. I came across the most notorious stuffs of our school and especially of my class. A group of five friends, that are good at everything and think too high of themselves. I personally think being good in academics or in extra curriculum doesn't give them an open right to claim themselves superior.

I passed from before them playing the role of deaf as everyone else does. I knew they would nag me more for I participated against them in an Art Festival and today the results were to be announced. I was excited to see if I could compete them. It was the first time I was to greet my Art faculty and get awarded if in case I won. I went to the big hall ignoring the comments and compliments they showered upon me.

I reached there to find that I was late and the School President of arts club has already delivered the speech and it was time for host to announce the winners. Nevertheless I would at least listen to the winners list. Among 20 boys I was the only girl there. The names were decided by the entire Arts Club.

"So dear students here I go narrating to you the most awaited result for the Annual Artzee Wizard. The fifth place goes to...."

Even though I had crossed my fingers I didn't want to stand 5th in the queue.

" Goes to Clare "


"For the fourth place we have.... Ohh there's a tie between.... Philps and George. Give it up for them guys."

Applauses in the air.

"On the third we have Magrid... Wow."

"On the second floor stands......"

There was a hault in the list. Shayna, the vice Chancellor of the club went and whispered something into the ears of the host and his expression seemed to change. He held the mike again and said, " so the second place is secured by the the lady in the contest, give a huge of applause to Miss Goliath Johnson." I was shocked to listen. I felt nostalgic, and with it I stood up and headed to the stage and stood ahead rest of the contestants.

" The first position belongs to the Annual Wizard of the session and he is.... None other than Sean Jessop."

All the judges stood and clapped with a standing ovation.

Sean Jessop, one of the members of the group that nagged others claiming superiority. I don't know why but I developed a bit of hatred for him.

" And Now I would request Mr Blair Jessop to stand and give the certificates to the winners and award to The Annual Wizard."

There he stood, his golden brown eyes, curly hairs, white skin, like a beast of some nightmare, was actually my Arts Teacher. He stood upon the stage and gifted us our rewards. I was happy after a long time but I wanted more. I smiled at our judges, the arts teacher and the Arts Club members. I collected the certificate bowed low and went down from the other side.

Without wasting much time I walked out of the hall and moved towards my classroom. I reached there in time with all the students seated at their places. I found the only excluded chair for me and I silently went off to sit there. I was seated beside Sean Jessop entire group and there cruel eyes were digging me from every side.

They had devious smiles on there faces and a glimpse of tantrum in their looks. One of them called out to me and asked me to sit behind them...because I was not worth sitting there, as I secured position which is lower to them. Though there was a glitch in his statement about my worth but the suggestion was sound and a bit appealing to me. I stood up ignoring there gazes and went to sit there. It was a bit dark at the seat but I thought of dragging the curtain and fill in light. I sat there without a second thought.

Poop, pop, whoosh.

There was sufficient noise from the plastic bottle the kept there half opened such that at a little pressure it would leak out the entire water content and make a fuss of me. All the gazes turned around towards me, blinking and laughing, sniffing if I did not pee. Embarrassing as hell. I felt like crying and sometimes being bold enough to smash that bottle upon his head who suggested me to sit here.

Sean turned around and said, "Ms loser don't know the manners to behave in a classroom"

Other continued, "Bad manners Go"

There were countless whispers followed by. I was pissed up to say or accept anything. There entered our teacher with our Art faculty, Mr Blair Jessop. Everybody stood up and greeted to him. I too got up and bowed loo. He greeted everyone and told to us about Inter School Art Manchester Competition. He insisted everyone to take part in it. Ofcourse it would be tough but it will be thrilling. I raised my hand before anyone else can. Maybe it was my mistake. He asked me to get. He took a sheet of paper and pen and asked a child to write my name. He asked me what my name was. I searched in my bag for a paper. I took it and wrote my name in hurry.He did not bother to look at me and was searching through his pages I showed him my name. He shouted, "Speak up. What's your name? We have more work to do." I was scolded for no reason. Everybody laughed.

Sean Jessop stood before me covering me from Mr.Blair I was horrified.

“Where has she gone?” asked Mr.Blair, soon after turning around.

“Who sir?” they asked and getting aside together they smirked, “she?"

Mr.Blair got annoyed and said,”Why aren’t you calling out your name lady little?” in a complete angry manner.

A drop of tear flowed down my eyes. Sean said to Mr.Blair , ”Ohh! Sir she is a dumb and can't speak wait let me do her a favour to read out her name. (everybody laughed) It is . . . Goliath Johnson.”

“Thank you, Sean, and you little lady seek help from others if you can’t do it on your own.”

The class ended. I felt pissed off. Everybody left laughing at me.

Sean made an airplane out of the paper on which I wrote my name and threw it right into my eyes.

I sat there alone crying for an hour or so. I felt weak and laid down upon the wet bench and slept there.

Maria was walking upstairs and was suddenly clutched on hand by Mr.Blair. He kept one hand upon her waist and other upon her cheeks.

Maria’s lips moved with tears down her cheeks.

Mr.Blair smiled at Maria and dragged her into a hall and held her close to himself. Maria began crying.

She begged on her knees but I could hear nothing that she said.

Mr.Blair hugged her forcefully and there was a complete silence. Mr.Blair touched her in every wrong way before suddenly the door of the hall opened.

He freed Maria from his hold. Maria ran all in a mess and hit herself with a pillar. She was hurt and crying. She began running and she ran . . . .

Suddenly I was disturbed by a large flow of water on my face. It was the bottle that had fallen and leftover water scattered upon me.

I rushed to find Maria, from her classmates I realised she went back home and was not feeling well. I had bunked my three classes today and was late for home and now I had to go all alone.


Chapter - 2

I planed to walk all alone down the road to my home. I surprised at the sudden head ache after the good noon nap in class. I forget all the harassment and remembered of my award. I walked down the right square Prestley. Across the lane, I found Mr.Johnson and Mr Jackson were standing there discussing something with Mr.Carsle.

Mr.Carsle was a famous man. He owned a newspaper factory which circulated in the locals. I thought to join him to home but it seemed to me that he was very busy. I went back to home. Mrs .Johnson was not there and a big lock hung down the main door.

I opened the door with a duplicate pair of keys. I rushed to my room and took out my certificate. I placed it next to the photograph of my real parents.

I went to the bathroom and got fresh. I went out to check cellphone. I suddenly realised that I should return Maria’s cellphone that would give me some time to talk to her about my dream.

I moved downfloor and I found a diary constantly flapping. It belonged to Mr.Johnson. I took the paper weight to place it upon the flapping diary.

The diary looked like a manual for a monthly budget. Under it, there were kept a certain files. With names inscribed G.C Lawline. Something curbed my hands and stretched to touch the files. I was desolated at the inscribed initials. In time, the diary fell of my hands.

I picked it up and read the fallen off pages. It had the monthly balance sheet and the expenditure that had vastly exceeded the income. It was beyond my grip to stand the favours of Mrs and Mr.Johnson. I sat there reading all the items that were marked under expenditure. I felt numb to realise that all of them had me in common. They love me beyond my expectations and I just smile and do nothing for them. I returned to the file. As soon as I was to open the first page of the file when I was interrupted by Mr.Johnson. He came in and snatched the files from my hands and in 8 yrs for the first time he scolded me for no reason.

I bowed and went outside forgetting the cell phone. I was walking down the lane and met Sara, daughter of Mr.Carsle. Sara was rude and I chose to ignore.

I was standing before Maropial Art factory. I borrowed some material for no reason. Something captured my eyes. It was Mrs.Johnson, but she in the Jessop’s stores. I could not make out.

I was to follow her when someone tripped upon my dress from behind. It was Sara, as expected.

Sara said,” What happened?”, Go on, walk ahead.”

I was pointing to my dress fixed under her and she continued “ I heard you were dumb I got to know your crippled too. You know Anaya. My mother told me she is the daughter of a criminal, a murder and a rapist.”

They all laughed.

I walked ahead to slap her and she held my hand. She continued to curse me and call me bad names. I felt helpless unable to reply to her every word.

All in a blue, she shouted, a black pebble struck her toe and broke her nail. She left my cloth. I stood straight.

It was Maria who helped me. Maria was still in school dress, she looked a mess. She took my hand and walked in the direction of my house.

Sara continued to pretend like she is to die any minute. We both Me and Maria mocked at her. She said, “You too bloody beggars, daughter of . . .”

Maria can not take this anymore and replies, “At least we are not in doubt who our dad Mr.Carles or Mr.Blair.”

Maria asked me to walk off.

That night, after dinner Maria came to my house for we studied together every night.

I wanted to talk to her desperately. Our parents were busy playing Rummy and I was in no mode to study. I held her hand and rushed to the terrace. Generally, when we did this she would laugh like a constant tape recorder playing repeat tune in her vocal cord.

But today, I could sniff through her emotions that things were different.

I went there and made her sit at my place and sat at hers.

I talked to her in sign language.

I said, “Today I will speak and you will listen to me.”

She said, “Okay so continue.”

To be honest, I was not satisfied with her reply.

I went down to take my diary and a pen.

I wrote, “Maria, I had a very bad dream about you.”

Maria replied, “Go, it was just a dream sweetie! Relax.”

I wrote, “I saw you and Mr.Blair together.”

Maria looked at the sheet and crying bitterly she said in anger, “Where did you got to know about that cruel man and why on this earth are you bullying me? I considered you my best friend and thought you were considerate about what I feel ? Believe me it hurts more to see you pretending like other and give away sympathy to me. Go, I can never forgive you for this.”

She stood up and was about to go. I held her hand tightly and looked into her eyes, I begged her to sit and listen completely.

She sat down and cried horribly I narrated to her the entire incident that happened with me and the dream. I told her about how I woke up and since then had a terrible head ache.

I could see in her eyes the change of expression, she was depressed before well now that expression changed to some curiosity.

Maria asked me, “When did you have this dream? At what time?”

I wrote,” During our second and third class, know what? I bunked them sleeping.”

Maria asked me if I could show her the place where I slept.

I nodded in yes.

She hugged me and cried bitterly, very badly. She said, “I don’t know how but all that you saw in the dream was real. It happened exactly the same way you narrated. Will you accompany me to Mr.Jackson and narrate everything saying you were the witness of it!”

I wrote, “Of course yes! I can but why to Mr.Jackson and not the Principal of the school.”

Maria smirked, ”Because the Sons are the Lawyer in our society and Jackson is one of them. I want to file a suit against Mr.Blair. Since he had touched me in the wrong way I must have his fingerprint on my scratches.”

She looked at me. We looked at the clock and with grand energy injected in us, we ran.

We ran to Mr.Jackson, right square Pristley, 79th block 2nd apartment.

All our way, she had energy and anger mixed with mocking smile. We reached there and told Mr.Jackson about everything.

He was happy that we chose him, because he was running out of cases. I don’t know why his happiness seemed cruel to me.

But we still submitted to him my proof and the fingerprint we got done.

We got out and were walking downside, after long time I found her talking actively.

We stopped at the cotton candy store and sat to eat. We were cherishing the air of happiness around us. We saw the stars on that dark night. The vendor gave us our candies and we continued to walk with air swiftly moving through our sweat cloaked gaps. She was talkig about her streets history.

When a big blue Baleno parked next to the footpath.

Mr.Blair shouted from inside,” What are you two doing here at this part of the day?”

He got down from the car and with a nasty look at Maria. He continued, “Get in I will drop you both at your right place.”

Maria got infuriated. I feared she would utter the truth and she did not fall back my expectations. She began, “You cruel man, don’t pretend being a saint. Everyone here know your inner cutt. A devil in guise of humans. Goliath knows everything. We have given of our statements to Mr.Jackson and filed a suit against you. Now wait and watch.”

Mr.Blair hid his expression and mocked, “You two little ants are gonna fight an elephant like me. Get out of fiction sweethearts I don’t have trunks.”

Saying this much he got back inside his car and moved straight in the direction.

Maria said to me, “We are safe now” and she hugged me. I saw the candy vendor standing there he said, “There are your Thirty cents you forgot to take back.”

Maria took it and we continued our long walk home.

Maria continued talking ,” You remember your dream?”

I nodded in yes.

She continued,” You must have heard me talking of pity I was so helpless then, believe me I am brave now. I won’t ever ask of pity again.”

I was trying to explain to her that in dreams no matter how hard I try I can’t hear anything. I am dumb in real and deaf in dreams.

Just in a big flashlight hit my face, with its ridiculous warmth and everything went blank.


Chapter - 3

I woke up in the dead of a night. I had a complete memory loss of what had happened. The clock stricked One in the morning. The golden light in the room was completely occupying every corner. The breeze slightly moved the curtain. I was thinking of everything that happened. So my parents were lawyers. And they were running out of cases all of a sudden there was a noise made by the falling packet that disturbed my line of thoughts.

It had fallen due to the high waving curtains which were then struck at the canvas that I was gifted last year by Mrs and Mr.Johnson.

I got down the bed and picked up the packet and placed it at the table. I swinged down the curtain and looked at the empty canvas.

I had a stream of thoughts flowing in me like a fresh river.

I took the material I just placed at the table and glided the thin brush in the fabrics, then swiftly upon the soft sheet.

I took two colors white and red. And painted all in my mind. I painted the red wall, the red floors, the red windows the red colored bed, the two ladies sleeping, both lay red, the man with golden eyes and red skin and curly black hairs and red knife that pierced in to give out white blood.

And it was over, My first ever painting was done. There it was beautifully placed upon the canvas. I signed it in my name.

The clock had it arms sticking four in the morning. I thought of getting ready for the school. When I realised, I need to head to the Harrasment Court with Maria. The hearing was to begin at nine, I had five hours. I cleared out the mess I created and went to bed and tried to sleep but I felt an energy popping in me but I slept.

I reached the court at 8:50 am. I was searching for Maria when I was suddenly held by some tight hold.

It was Mr.Blair Jessop. I looked into his golden brown eyes. He was looking at me. He dragged hi hands all over my back and said, “So little lady, how do you feel?”

I was completely exasperated.

I was breathing out of order when he hit offered me some water to drink. I threw away the water thinking it to be some sort of plan of Mr.Blair. I ran towards the court and reached the edge when I felt dizzy everything blurred out before me I was annoyed firstly and weak next. I fell there catching everybody attention.

Everyone ran in my direction. There was a huge noise. I was taken to the hospital. There, Doctors must have called my parents and told everything.

When I opened my eyes I had my Mom and Dad standing there Mrs.Johnson hugged me. I hugged her back.

Mr.Johnson asked me everything and I wrote it. I was discharged in an hour and we borrowed a taxi to our house.

When we reached back home, the atmosphere at my place was even more heated. Maria was getting scolded to file a case against Mr.Blair. She stood there crying bitterly.

I balance to reach there and explained her parents expressing my sign language to Maria who further expressed it to them.

We all sat down in their drawing room and discussed over the matter.

We had seven days in hand. To file a case against Mr.Blair, because on 20th of December, the court would give its last verdict.

We had a very short time left. We need to get a lawyer, the proofs and all of them collected before 20th December.

According to Maria, the court has given us time for next hearing on 19th but one hour later, it was changed to 20th for some reason.

I wrote everything that had happened with me and signed under it but again we needed one more witness to prove my point.

Maria spoke up in between, “Before everything, we need a lawyer, Goliath, shall we go and beg Mr.Jackson to fight our case?(turning to words her parents) Mom and Dad, it would be easy if you guys accompany us.”

She stood up to walk, I held her hands and made her sit beside me.

I wrote, ”See if we go to Jackson again, chances are he will ditch us and consequently we will lose we must consider someone else.”

Maria read it for everybody.

She said, “But whom?”

I don't know why, but I felt it appropriate to do. I pointed towards Mr.Jockson.

Everyone looked at him in amazement and plea. But he was shocked because it was me who pointed towards him.

He walked on and sat on his knees, with tears in his eyes he said, “Darling, you know all this time that I am a lawyer?”

I nodded in no.

He hugged me tightly and said, “My child, I am sorry” and wiped off his tears.

He moved and placing his hands on the forehead of Maria, he said, “Maria I am sorry sweetheart but this time your uncle can't help you but I won't upset you instead there is a better lawyer for you.”

We asked in amazement. He said, “She” pointing towards Mrs.Johnson.

Mrs.Johnson was happy but did not bother the happiness to cover her face.

She took the command like a real lawyer should and asked us to give her value points that can make us win this case.

In all the exchange I noticed a special expression that remained constant at the face of Mrs.Johnson which was beyond my expectations.

That evening we, I and Maria planned to make a small celebration for getting permission and a lawyer.

We both went to you Cannope Cafe to sit and and talk a while and make a list of all ways to collect are evidence.

We sat facing each and ordered to expresso, both our favourite.We were busy drinking our sip when a noise made me take a big gulp in.

That is stung my entire throat and made me bobble up. Through Maria's curly flexes, I could see a recognizable face. It was of Mr.Blair holding a large soft-toy.

I beckoned to Maria about the standing Mr. Blair, she turned around and burst into laughter. She continued to tell me, "You know Go, that day when I refused to feed him with what he needed he took out a knife and stabbed a Japanese doll with it, to fear me." She continued to laugh but beyond that I remembered something else.

That struck me deep inside.

That night I went in and reopened my canvas, taking a fresh sheet, I poured black pain on the sheet then let it dry, I had some gruesome feelings popping inside. I took white paint and sketched the physique of a woman on a sofa, a man in white with red knife and golden eyes, The golden eyes.

I cleaned the mess and left out for a sleep. A silent sleep with no dreams. I woke up next day, it was our turn to collect the evidence. We walked to the school and found Mr. Blair gazing at us. We discussed our plan to hunt any witnesses or evidence but we failed.

I went to my classroom, nobody was there. I was suddenly stopped by a noise. It was Sean Jessop. He stood there with a video of me sleeping on the last bench of the class bunking my classes, which was a crime in school rules. I was petrified at the thought of being expelled out. I took out a diary and a pen and asked for his apology, in turn he said, "Quit the School Art Manchester Competition. and I will give you the vedio." In reply to this I wrote, " May I have a few days to think over it."

I went back to Maria and asked her the solution to it. She was in deep thoughts and I think I knew what she was thinking. We smiled at each other and hugged.

Again that night I was pissed off to sleep and planned out another painting. I smashed the clean sheet on the canvas with golden with black I drew the outlines in circles and rest I painted in white. I shaded it with a tint of brown and then drew a red face that resembled, Mr. Blair.

Next day, as planned we skipped our school and went to the Hatt Regency. We disguised ourselves as boys and checked in as Sean's friends. Going inside we sniffed into the lab where the recording were placed and just when we were to snap the video recording, the door opened. I and Maria hid under the table. Just then the phone in my hand vibrated, it was the call of a company man. I accepted the call and lowered the voice. I felt dizzy but I need to care of myself. Mr. Blair sat there for long time. So long that I slept in a small cartoon box of certificates and results.

There sat Mr. Blair speaking continuously, but it was completely out of my audible range. Suddenly I was jerked by Maria. And when I woke up, Blair was no where to be seen. I asked her about him, she said, "He had been here for long. And you dumbo slept. He talked about some murder he did." I looked at her and she nodded yes. We both stood up and viewed the video of how Mr. Blair harassed Maria. I looked at my phone that just got switched off and last thing I remembered was to forget to cut the call. I was about to leave when I tripped over something. It read, RESULT FOR THE ANNUAL ARTZEE AWARDS FOR THE YEAR 2120-21.

When I dragged my hands towards the winner of the competition I was taken aback, it was me and my name was crossed and replaced by Sean Jessop.

I took the result and walked out of through window taking Maria with me. We reached home and showed our achievement. I looked at my parents, they were more than happy before we arrived and we contributed to their happiness. We were scolded a little but praised more. I went inside my room, read the list again and was messed up.

That night I did not felt like painting so I slept. I was disturbed at midnight by a call from Maria. She asked me to turn on the data and make her a video call. I did as she said thinking it must be about the evidence.

I called her she sat on the other side with a book name, WIZARDS OF VOWS. She then asked me about the wounds I got that night when I was trampled by Blair's car. I wrote that they cured over asleep. And she continued to narrate me a fairy tale, listening to which I slept happily. I dreamt of Mr. Blair running in the direction of my home, with many knives in hand. I saw him entering from the window and then sniffing things like a mad bit dog. He then opened up the drawer and took out certain files. Messing up everything he kept he was overjoyed to reach one file. It read GC.

He took all the files and the photographs and left the home in mess. I suddenly woke up from this bad dream and found Maria narrating to me, " and you can heal your wounds when sleeping, and look at the reality when you, and you know the amazing the part that you can fell asleep at the right time and if you keep awake you will have something terrible happening to you. So sweetheart sleep when it's needed. " I suddenly turned on the camera of my side and saw her reading the book. I asked her if she can lend me the book for one day. She happily agreed and gave me distance hug, and went of to sleep. I felt a sudden rage evoking in me and I took the paint brush from the table, first in blue, then black then green and I made constant streaks of colour then with a black colour I painted 9 physiques together and cried out, sobbing heavily for myself. And I slept there. I was woken up by certain noises down stairs. It was every one sitting and Mr Johnson crying and sitting on ground. Mrs Johnson consoling him. I reached down and picked up a file that was dug in the grass. It read GC LAWLINE. The same file I saw before. I opened it and a sudden bittersweet emotion covered myself. I dropped the file and sat there on the stairs. Everybody's attention turned towards me. I looked at Mr Johnson and he joined his hands in apology. Maria came to me and asked, "What happened Go?" I actioned her with hands, she pronounced them loud.

" File

I should give the file to you.

(she gave me the file I opened it up and showed her the photograph)

This man

This man has been with you.

This man

This man is your brother

This man has raped your mother."

I slapped Maria and sat on the ground. She picked up the file and read it. She looked at Mr Johnson.

Mr Johnson said," Yes, yes Goliath is not Goliath Johnson. She is Goliath Clemmenson, the daughter of the Judge and the head of ALL INSHIA COURT DEPARTMENT.(turning to me he said) I am sorry my child I tried my best and I swear I kept the proofs here itself and now they are gone.

I said nothing. I went upstairs and opened up my canvas. I threw black paint on a fresh sheet. Then brown and then red. I took a brush and with fine stokes I made 4 drawing of a sniffing thiefs. But now it was all worthless. Two days later from then, my father was to be sentenced death and I had no relevant proof to protect them.

Two days passed away and I didn't show up to anyone.

The day arrived and Maria came in to hug me and ask me to accompany her. I declined her invitation and said that I was unwell. She coaxed me a little and went away.

I reached down only after making sure everybody was gone. I did not see anybody. I stepped downstairs. The sun rays came inside from the other side and I turned my cellphone at shuffle and plugged in the ear phones and sat there. Soon after the first song was done a recording played, I was lost in thoughts when I was suddenly struck by a voice of coughing. I came into real world. It was from my ear phones. It was a recording. I was happy for an instance, and suddenly my eyes fell at the pillar before my room. It had a street camera aligned at the angle at which my window could be easily seen. I went upstairs changed to suitable clothes and took my canvas.

It was 8:50 by my clock. I looked around. There was no convence available. I ran with my complete power. There were two hearings running at the same time.

I dashed in and asked where was the hearing for GC LAWLINES going. They told me the direction. I ran in and was stopped at the door by Sean Jessop. He continued with his useless words. He said, "Ohh Mrs Johnson why are you here? Your father to lose the case. Why are you here? It would be a heartbreak for you. Go back home, little lady. A little loser lady."

I could not control and I opened my sketch and sticked the results sheet at his face. He got at a side and I dogged in. There stood the judge with his verdict. I knew this condition hence I wrote my entire statement on a sheet. I bowed low to apologise for my mistake. And submitted the documents.

After the long gone debate, hearing to the audio and looking down at my paintings and then looking at the confidential street camera recording, that resembled my paintings, the judge changed his verdict. Not only my father was proved innocent but also we caught the actual culprit, Mr. Blair" Just in time he was to announce his verdict I heard a bell in the inner court. I moved out of the court and went to Maria. I met my gaze with the Devil who was sentenced 5 year jail. Maria came out and hugged me saying that we had won. I felt happy for her.

Mrs. Johnson looked weak but had a smile of winning her case. We moved out of the court and moved to hear the verdict of the judge in the other court.

He said,

" With all the proofs and evidences, we conclude that Mr Garry Clemmenson was not the actual culprit. I would order the police to arrest Mr Blair Jessop and free Mr Garry Clemmenson, giving him all the privilege he had before and to release the Hatt Regency as a residence for the real Judge."

We all clapped. My father came outside the court and hugged me. I cried out loud for I won it and proved the world wrong.

Hatt Regency.

A week later, I was welcoming everyone to celebrate the opening of my art gallery at the Brose Garden before Hatt Regency. Everyone came. Maria took the knife and gave it to my dad. He did the ribbon cutting ceremony and entered in. Mrs and Mr Johnson received heavy funds for winning cases. Maria received the eligible respect she deserved and my secret of being Wizard remained a secret.

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