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Don't Die, Please !!!

Don't Die, Please !!!

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"Don't Die, please" Rohan read the text message received from his wife of one year. She behaved like a child not letting him go when his leave got over and he had to report for duty.

"I will not let you go, why you only, no one of my friends have to live every day in dread, you resign and do any work, even if it is a small work, we can still have a happy home" she had wept.

Rohan held Sonam in his arms and explained "Dear, if you go weak then what will happen to me, there in the border I have only one thing to look up to you, a smiling face of yours in my memory, I don't want to recall your crying and sad face"

Sonam wiped her tears and put a brave face, she forced a smile on her face and declared "If something happens to you, please know that I will also be gone the next moment, I will follow you even if it is in the heavens"

Rohan couldn't muster courage to turn to have a last glimpse of his wife, he had tears in his eyes which he thought are to be best, hidden.

The next message made Rohan jump with excitement "I missed the cycle, you may become a father, a proud one".

Rohan jumped like a jubilant boy and sang something.

"You really have a bad singing voice Major, but what is making you dance and sing like a lad" the beaming voice of his superior made him stop abruptly.

Rohan stood in attention, saluted and replied "Jai Hind, Sir your Major has good news, he may become a father".

His superior Col Nanda gave him a tight hug and said " Well done boy, you worked hard even on your leave"

Both burst into a laughter and the Col clapped asking all his boys to assemble. That evening Rohan hosted a party for his colleagues.

"I love you dear, no power can snatch me from you and our - to be born child" Rohan texted.

Early morning next day Sonam woke up abruptly, the phone was ringing incessantly. Phone calls took her breath away leaving her palpating. She made a quick prayer "God please be on my side"

"Hello, is it the wife of Major Rohan"

"Yes" Sonam's heart sank imagining the worst.

"We have bad news, there was an ambush yesterday night and Major Rohan is missing.

"We however have no news of his casualty, we are hopeful that we will find him, please have courage, we will keep you posted"

The phone fell from Sonam's grip and she collapsed.

Her mobile phone lay on the table beside the bed which had an unread message from Rohan "The almighty has better plans, you have to live for the child, all my love."

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