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Determined Mind+Strong Will

Determined Mind+Strong Will

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It was on Monday at 11 a.m. There was a crowd in the Sub-Registrar Office, Pavanpur town. Office staff, advocates, stamp vendors, persons doing job work, canteen workers and the people, who wish to get their property registered were busy. There was a frequent movement of two-wheelers, auto-rickshaws and one or two four-wheelers in front of the office. Vehicles were parked wherever space was available causing inconvenience to the public.

Bhavana was working as a second division clerk in Sub- Registrar Office, Pavanpur. She used to park her two-wheeler vehicle in a specified place. It was the habit of few colleagues to tease her simplicity, honesty and non- corruptive nature. She was educating the public not to give corruption. In the office hall, a big board was displayed. It was written in the bold letters that any staff member demand corruption reports the matter to higher authorities for necessary action.

The attitude of Bhavana irked the Sub-Registrar and called her inside his chamber. He warned her to keep quiet, otherwise to be ready for a transfer to a remote place. During the period of three years, a number of incidents like this had happened. She was fed up and decided to submit her resignation from the service.

Fifteen days after her marriage with Bharat Kumar and completing three years of stay at Pavanpur, she disclosed her intention to him. Her intention was a resignation from the service, own a taxi to become a cab driver and move Bengaluru. She did not reveal her plan before marriage. It was a bold decision of Bhavana to take a tough profession like a cab driver.

Her husband was disappointed and warned her to drop the idea or face the consequences. He told this matter to her parents and his parents. He even told her friends. His parents expressed displeasure. But Bhavana's parents didn’t find any mistake on her part and praised her for the bold decision. Her friends warned her to think twice before jumping to a foolish decision.

Like Kumar, Bhavana too was passed the matriculation examination in first class. Due to the poor economic condition of both, they were unable to continue further education. Kumar was working as a clerk in the Postal department. Bhavana and Kumar were living in Ganesh colony, Pavanpur since their childhood.

Kumar tried to convince Bhavana.

One day, he said, “My dear Bhavana, government job is a secured job. You get promotions, periodical revision of salary and pension for the rest of your life. If you want to become a cab driver, your future would be in dark. Being a woman you are not suitable for a tough job like a cab driver. Moreover, my parents are unhappy with your decision. It is my request and not an order to change your decision and continue in the government service.”

“Kumar, I don't go back to my decision. Who said the cab driver’s job is not suitable for a woman? Cab driver’s job is a respectable and independent job. I enjoy the status of being both the boss and the worker. Please do not underestimate the strength of a woman. You know women are successfully working in defence services, as a pilot, as a driver of heavy vehicles, as a train driver, as a lawyer, and as an architect. If I am honest, God will definitely come to my rescue. I have a goal in my life. If I remain in government service, it would never be possible for me to achieve the goal. You know neither I take the corruption nor give. In the office, where I am working the corruption is at its peak. I tried to stop this but utterly failed. I will certainly prove as the best cab driver," said Bhavana with emotion.

“Bhavana, you have deceived me. Before marriage, you have not told me about your future plan. If you are firm on your stand, my good wishes are with you.”

Kumar failed to convince Bhavana. Their tug of war continued for three months. After one month, she submitted her resignation. Her resignation was accepted by the government after three months. Thereafter, she moved to Bengaluru. Her parents encouraged and blessed her to achieve her goal. Her father helped financially and wished her all the best.

Bharat Kumar and his parents were not happy with Bhavana. On the day of her departure from Pavanpur to Bengaluru, only her parents came to the bus stand to bid farewell.

It took six months for Bhavana to buy a brand new car by obtaining a loan from the bank. She never asked for financial help from Kumar.

Bhavana worked hard and met a number of persons in the bank. The branch manager of the bank appreciated her sincere efforts and arranged a small function to handover the sanction letter to Bhavana by a respectable person of the locality.

Being a woman, she had proved her strength. By the time, she settled down in Bengaluru, most of the problems were solved. Her cab was fitted with the app. She was not happy with Kumar for his non-co-operation. In the beginning, Bhavana faced a lot of problems like delay in getting the delivery of the car from the dealer. Initially, the bank insisted on the guarantor and more margin money. On her request, the bank agreed to relax the conditions. Bhavana had to face more personal problems. She spent all her savings. It was difficult for her to manage daily life. She managed to live with one-time food. Bhavana learnt lessons from the experience. She moved carefully before jumping to the conclusion. Her alertness was proved as a woman with entrepreneurship qualities.

During her two years of experience as a cab driver, she did a number of good achievements like the return of mobile left by the passenger, saved an old man trapped in the bus, free rides for poor patients to the hospital. She became a famous cab driver.

Bharat Kumar realised his mistake and joined with the wife. Both continued the profession.

Bhavana proved that she had a determined mind and a strong will.


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