Samah Ummer

Children Stories Drama Tragedy


Samah Ummer

Children Stories Drama Tragedy

Dear Mommy

Dear Mommy

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Dear mommy

How are you?

I’m good here but I want you to come back soon.

Dad finally learned to cook without burning down the kitchen.

Dad makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches just like you. They don’t taste the same though.

I have a lot to tell you but daddy said it will have to wait. Dad tries to help me with my homework but ends up doing it himself.

Ronnie’s learned to walk. She’s up to all sorts of mischief now.

Do write back mommy, I would love to know what heaven is like

You must enjoy it…………

Daddy cries every time I ask him when you are coming back.

I’m not sure why. I told him you’ll be back in a few days but he just doesn’t listen. Silly daddy.

Love you mom.

Yours only,


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