Cycle Of Life

Cycle Of Life

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My hands forget how it was to hold my father’s fingers when I was a child. Before I could realise this, my son had already turned five.Hot afternoons and wintry nights seeped into one another and before I could realise, I had already stepped into fatherhood.

In between, thirty years have slipped away in a jiffy. For a split second, I tuned into my own feelings to realise that time has blurred the boundaries of reality. “Papa, hold me before i fall..” he breathed heavily with excitement. I jogged beside him and held on to the bicycle to get him going. My love for him grows each and every day. Its a wonderful experience to see him grow.

Past memories join forces releasing a torrent of emotions and I think how much my Dad must have loved me all these years. Before I could stop my emotions which were set loose, I could see my son cycling at a distance without any support. These were his first set of wheels which symbolised liberty and freedom to roam without rules and ..without adults

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