jenny Hunt



jenny Hunt


Covid is bad, jet out

Covid is bad, jet out

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Cold like symptoms multiply by one hundred.

Over downplayed when counting deaths.

Vomit everywhere, a hassle to clean up.

Intense fevers shaking sweating head to toe.

Dyer pain, can't stop it, locked away you hide.

Inside, little cowards, in time we'll learn.

Stay strong and be brave to protect yourselves.

Blame who you will, but it won't help the fight.

A mysterious disease filled with political lies.

Don't spread germs, use common sense.

Jab or no jab stop judging what others do.

Everyone is different, in turn reacts differently.

Take care of you, keep up your own strength.

Overcame excruciating days, we persevered.

Underestimated fear, doubt, and hate, no more.

To show love is the way out of cowardice.

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