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Colours Of December

Colours Of December

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On the December before the last, it was the first time she opened her eyes to look at the world around her. Her innocent brown eyes surveyed the large whitewashed room closely. Where was she? Where was the lady who was assigned the job of being her new best friend on this planet? Shouts of wonder seemed to come from the small group of people who were standing there, looking at her as though she had come from some other planet altogether. She felt cold...terrified. Had she done something wrong?

At that moment, two warm hands fondled her lovingly..and it felt if one moment ...everything had turned alright..everything was fine. The old lady who was looking at her doubtfully all this while smiled nervously.

"What would you like to name her?"

The fair lady who was caressing her with extreme affection looked up and said with a big smile on her face.


White vapors descended on the earth's surface. They seemed to cover the crust in a blanket of mysteriousness, somewhat like the woolen blanket covering the dark maiden who was snoring contented little snores. The sky looked like a picture, with shreds of red paint slowly showing up into the vast sky. The little red munia settled on the branches of the withering tree, hoping for a little warmth to touch its feathers. Surely, it would have to migrate southwards this winter. It was impossible to stay here in the cold. There was no sign of white crystalline flakes of snow to fall softly from the sky, in that place, hard pieces of hail crashed loudly on the window panes.

Two warm hands held her eyes from behind."Who's going to help me bake the cake?" Kali's face lit up, as she gave a scream of delight. Her mother cuddled the little dark girl fondly, "Merry Christmas Kali!" The girl chuckled in wonder and amazement, as she unwrapped the blue wrapper. It was expected to get a little treat from Mumma on Christmas day, but something so grand was really unexpected.

The girl put on her scarf and sweater, and holding the hand of her adorable mother, whose hands were warmer than her cardigan, trailed off to buy some butter paper. The soft green grass was covered in dew drops which looked like emeralds to the young girl. She looked at the lady trailing beside her. How lovely she was.Fair and beautiful.

Often...she had accidentally eavesdropped on the conversations of her relatives who would visit her house to talk to her Grandma.

'But how could she be so dark?"

"That is the question which puts me in doubt about the girl."

"Yes. In our whole family, no other person is that ugly except her."

"Are you sure she was the right baby?"

"I also doubt that sometimes...but ..nevertheless...don't tell this to her mother. She would be really mad then."

Kali had felt confused that day. What did they mean? Was she really ugly?

She sniffed a barely audible sniff, but it didn't miss Mumma's attentive ears."What is it Dear?" she asked holding the little face in her hands. "What's the matter?'' And then she lost her control. A stream of agony, unhappiness and doubtfulness flowed down her cheeks. 'Why am I so ugly mother?" she said desperately holding her mother's hands.

Her mother looked shocked and troubled. After a verge of silence and sad sobs, she spoke looking troubled, "You're not ugly dear. Who told you that?"

She looked sympathetically at the tear-stained little face."You're just telling that because you are my Mumma." the child cried helplessly.

"I am telling you this...because..because I know you...the most." there was a serious tone in the lady's voice. The dark maiden looked up into her mother's eyes and felt that she could trust her.

"You are beautiful Kali. Whatever anyone says, don't listen to them. You are my very own daughter and you are lovely. Have confidence and trust in yourself. Never belittle yourself or discriminate others. Remember one thing. Everyone is special in their own way. Because you know God is one, isn't it? Always remember that all colours were made by God himself."

Kali looked at her mother's face. She knew that the words that she had listened to just then, were going to stay with her for many years to come.

As they trotted forward, there was a new spring in Kali's steps. The red munia chirped happily, as though rejoicing to the joy in the dark girl's innocent mind. The bells rang up at every house, to welcome Christ into their homeland. Because God was one. And all colours were made by God..

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