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Burnt Alive In Trash

Burnt Alive In Trash

3 mins

Raghu was leading his life as a beggar. He lost his right arm owing to a fatal train accident. Every day, it was a herculean task for him to feed his stomach. Someday he used to sleep without food and some other day he used to eat contaminated food. On a Sunday morning, he went to a nearby temple, sat at the entrance with a plate in his hand. He was begging for money. One guy tossed one rupee coin at his plate.

'Yesterday, I didn't eat anything. Please give me some more money.', he said.

The guy got pissed off.

'You are a beggar. You should shut your mouth and accept, even if we put ten paise. How dare you ask for more money?', he said in anger.

'Please, try to understand my problem.'

The guy lost his temper and kicked Raghu with a great force. Raghu began coughing as he was hit hard on his chest.

'Don't try to play games with me. You are after all a beggar. You are not even equal to dust in my feet.', he spits on Raghu's face.

Raghu was deeply hurt by the incident.

'Why should I live? Why people treat us differently? Aren't we human beings? Why are you testing us, God? Why didn't I die when I met with a train accident? He cried his heart out. The second day in a row, he didn't eat anything.

The next day, he couldn't control his hunger. He saw a heap of garbage near the bus stand. He ate rotted rice unable to bear his hunger. That night he slept on the heap of garbage.

Two drunken guys came to the bus stand and began playing cards. One of them was the same guy who kicked Raghu on the chest.

'It is too hot here.', he said.

'Yes, boss.', the other guy replied.

'We shall lit the fire.', he said.

'Sure, boss.'

'Let us burn this trash.', he said.

'Someone is sleeping on the trash, boss.'

'Is it?'

'Yes, boss.'

'Let me see.', he went near Raghu and saw his face.

'He is a beggar, but he is having a lot of arrogance.'

'Do you know him?'

'Yes. These beggars don't deserve to be in this world. They are a useless piece of craps. I am going to burn him alive.', he said.

'Boss, please don't do it.', the other guy requested.

'Shut your mouth.', he went to his house got kerosene can. He spilled the oil everywhere.

Raghu woke up.

'What are you doing?', Raghu asked in fear.

'I am going to burn you alive, bloody beggar.', he lit the fire and burned the trash.

Raghu was ignited in no time and he was screaming for help.

The merciless guy was laughing looking at Raghu. The other guy was scared to death and he ran away.

'Beggar is gone.', he laughed.

He had drunk enough and was literally wobbling. A speedy truck was coming from behind. He was walking along the pavement, lost his control, and stumbled in the middle of the road. The truck ran over him in a jiffy and the guy died on the spot.

People run after alcohol despite knowing it's ill effects. We all know it destroys our health but still gets drowned in its lust. When you get into a hangover you lose control and commit mistakes that not only is harmful to others but also for you. There are many incidents wherein drunkards fight over trivial issues that grow bigger and bigger leading to a dire consequence that results in fatal deaths, broken relationships, and whatnot? Alcohol is an addiction, once you fall for its trap, it seduces you. It also promises to destroy your life. Please stay away from alcohol.

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