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Vatsal Parekh

Drama Crime Thriller


Vatsal Parekh

Drama Crime Thriller

Bubbles In The Room

Bubbles In The Room

10 mins 160 10 mins 160

The voice of silence was spread everywhere in Rosewood Colony. It was nine in the morning. The light of the sun had shuddered everywhere. Cold and lush winds were blowing, the birds were chanting. Everything was mind-boggling. Suddenly, the faces of children begin to appear and their tickling voices start coming out. A young adult Andy Mil and his friends were playing cricket in this mid-winter. The boys were playing with passion and strength, due to which the whole playground had become alive. It was Andy's chance to bat, he hit the ball as the lightning shines from the sky. Boom! Like a missile, it went into the house and broke the window glass of Mr. Waxman's house. "It was rumored that the old house of Mr. Waxman was cursed by his wife because of his ill behaviour towards her. 

Even now during the nights, people hear the voice of them quarreling and the music of Jukebox, a gift Waxman gifted her". Due to this horrific story of the house, few boys ran away and only four were left to get the ball back. Andy Mil and three of his best friends Jazz, Wally and Snuffy were left. With horror and terror on their face, they went in to search the ball and what they saw had stunned them, a blood-soaked room, blood splattered everywhere on the floor, the reddish-brown stain of blood on walls, pieces of glass floating on the blood, a torn painting, blood droplets on the dartboard yet no dead bodies. Meanwhile, Jazz called the police. With a glow on the face, different fire in the eyes and steps like a lion, Mr. Marshal, the police officer with his cops arrived at the murder site and they started investigating around. CID comes with the list of suspected people... a grim watchman, the four anxious friends and the owner of the house. They take up all the evidence, footprint, fingerprints, blood sample from the murder site.

All the samples went up to the forensic lab for the test. The officers start inspecting the adjacent places. They take footprints and fingerprints and the blood sample of nearby people and from the suspects. CID officers were searching the cadaverous but they had no clue where it is. Everyone was in dilemma. After a lot of research and investigation from every suspect, the cops got only the clue about where the murder took place, farmhouse of Mr. Waxman and his wife Juliet who died long back unknowingly or disappeared from the whole world one day. And they also came across the curse stories of the house. Mr. Marshal called upon all the detectives, Special officers to solve such a perplexing case. All the way searching for the dead bodies, cops found an old factory, which was on the radar of 2 km away from the farmhouse. 

The factory was closed since 1999, assuming that the bodies may be found here. The door of the factory hinges were all rusted with a creaking door spooky sound and the glass windows were all shattered. There was water dripping from a tap, rhythmically, generating a scary environment. As soon as they got in, the footsteps echoed on the wooden floor and they heard a voice from back “officer”, it was John, a newly joined cop. He informed that they got something interesting here, there is a caravan which looks as if it is kept for years. Though from inside its brand new, with some drop of blood. “What blood?” said Mr. Marshal. The blood sample goes to the forensic lab for further tests. Mr. Marshal “What does the forensic report say same or different?” “The blood is tested by our forensic officer, Sir it is the same blood” said the cop. When no one can find the truth there comes Mr. Conan, the detective to whom the incident site speaks like a painting. Yet this time, Mr. Conan could not depict the case. He found out the owner of the caravan named Ferguson Mike.

 They all reached Ferguson Mike's house where they got the information from the servant that Mr. Mike is no more in the world, died long back. Yet Jennie his daughter is still there but she didn't come back home since last one week. The officer, “you didn't call her, where is she or didn't file a complaint in the police station about her missing”. "Don't you know, who are we to ask our Madam?” servant said. "OK ok" said the officer. Officer Marshal to other officers "It's sure that Jennie has something to hide" “Let's find Jennie maybe then the case will be sought out” said Mr. Conan, the detective. The case was still in its first stage yet with no dead bodies. Mr. Marshal got all the information about Jennie. They all started investigating from Jennie's farmhouse which was very next to the murder site.

 Two days past, still no clue of Jennie and the dead bodies. The Servants and the workers were called up for the investigation, where the police got information that Jennie used to visit her late father's farmhouse once every month by a Caravan.

 After all the interrogation officers were still in dilemma. As soon as they start moving backward from the case a watchman of Jennie's farmhouse informed the police that recently there was a new driver of that Caravan named Sam, who was weird because he never used to get out of that Caravan. Mr. Conan asks the watchman, ''can you help us to make a sketch of his" or "else do anyone of you know where can we get him" "We didn't see him even, we never know his hometown or his address and he too disappeared from last week" said the watchman.

 With no clue of the Sam, the officers pull up their hands from the case which later on was closed with the suspect tag with Andy Mil and his best friends which affected their lives. Andy Mil the lover of Jennie Ferguson Mike, he planned to open the case for the soul of his love. He insisted Mr. Marshal not to give up the case. Mr. Marshal planned to give another try to the case and asked the Forensic officers to check the evidences all over again. After a week, the Forensic officer got a successful result. They got the paternity DNA test matched with one of the servant's of Miss. Jennie. The servant was called for interrogation where he opened his hidden story of his illegitimate child called Danny. The police went to Danny's village to catch him there they found Sam and Danny both together misbehaving with a village girl. The police arrested both of them in front of Andy. Andy with full of tears in his eyes grabbed Danny's collar and asked him, where have you hidden Jennie. Danny started laughing furiously and took everyone where he had kept Jennie. He pointed out in the water. 

The scuba diver got in the water, they didn't see any dead body but they got a big sack of bag tried up with big heavy stones. They took it out on the shore. And what everyone saw was a motionless, pale, brutally harmed dead body of Miss Jennie. The forensic officer informs Mr. Marshal that, “more than one person had raped the victim and then killed brutally”. Andy was half dead by seeing his love in such a condition. “Why did you both kill her?” Mr. Marshal asked Danny and Sam. “I used to love her and proposed to her too but she didn't understand my love”. “She laughed and made fun of me” so I planned to take a revenge from her. I and Sam both raped her and then killed her at Mr. Waxman's house, then we used Caravan and wrapped her in the plastic and then in the sack bag to throw her into the lake and then we thought to hide the Caravan in an old factory. Danny and Sam were arrested and they were punished for Life imprisonment. Few years passed still, at Rosewood colony people hear the voice of Miss Jennie shouting for the help. And People also say that after the incident Mr. Andy, the lover of Jennie disappeared from the colony and never came to be seen again and then the calling voice for help disappears in the house. And the curse story of Mr. Waxman and his wife is still going on dispersing in the whole Rosewood colony. Few years later, at forensic lab few experts were studying some of the perplexing cases. Mr. Max, one of the youngest forensic expert removed the case of Miss Jennie 2005, found some issues regarding the case and with evidence. 

He reopened the case with officer-in-charge Mr. Marshal and his team. Mr. Marshal disregarded Mr. Max's case because he was unnecessarily reopening a well-solved case. Mr. Max, "No, Sir it's worthy" "I got a very interesting twist in the case" Mr. Max explained everything regarding the missing part of the case. According to Max the mastermind of the plan is someone else because they got a hair in the packet of glasses which were collected from the murder site and the hair, is of none other than Andy Mil through DNA test. 

"Yes, it may be possible because Andy Mil and his Friends entered the Murder site first to get there ball back" "Mr. Max, I am sorry to say but your assumption is wrong and by the way I would like to inform you that Andy Mil is known as the true lover of Miss Jennie so he can't think also about it" said Officer Marshal. "Sir, I am Mr. Max Mike the only illegitimate Son of Miss Jennie and Mr. Andy Mil". "What!!" said Mr. Marshal. "Yes, Sir... and I not only got the hair of Mr. Andy but also the skin of his in Jennie's nail". “Till now we have all the postmortem report of Miss Jennie which depicts the whole story completely yet someone had really planned this murder very well!” “This is the report which was mixed with the other reports by the murderer or it may be the negligence of the Forensic officer due to which the mastermind was hidden from whole world... you can check it, Sir”. "So, it's crystal clear that Mr. Andy too was there during the murder," said Max. "But why Andy didn't help Jennie," said officer Marshal "The answer is still unknown to me," said Max. "But now no use to arrest Andy because he is no more in the world," said one of the cops. "No Andy Mil is still alive" said Alex, assistant detective of Mr. Conan. "What," exclaimed officer Marshal.

 "Yes, I have got this information from an unknown source… as soon as we reopened the case. "Mr. Andy stays nearby to Rosewood colony in a hut by the name Andish Milind with a long beard, wearing Dhoti and a shawl," Alex said to everyone. "Let's catch him" Officer Marshal. "Staying with a false name and being the mastermind of Miss Jennie's case you are arrested Mr. Andy Mil," said Marshal. "Excuse me, Sir" my name is Andish Milind. Okay, Mr. Milind can we have your blood sample? By saying "NO" Andish tries to escape. Max caught Andish and handed him over to Marshal. Your game is over Mr. Andish Milind aka Mr. Andy Mil. Andy is caught, he genuflects in front of everyone and delivers the whole incident, how he and Jennie met each other, what happened after Jennie gave birth to a baby boy, the crashes started between them about the illegitimate child.

Andy "She used to blackmail me each and every day that she will go to the police and she will complain about me that I raped her”. It all happened because I denied her to marry. "She was planning to keep me behind bars”... “Yes, officer you are right, I am the mastermind of this whole story and Danny & Sam were my lures for this game” with furious smile Andy Mil. Max with anger informing Andy that he is only the child due to which you killed Miss Jennie and I was the one who reopened the case to punish you and I was the one who spread the story of Miss Jennie shouting for help in the Rosewood Colony through holographic and sound effects. Oh, it was you and what about the story of Mr. Waxman and his wife, is that you again said Alex. "No" I don't know about the story of Mr. Waxman, said Max. Whoa! That's scary...   

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