Prashasti Shreshtha



Prashasti Shreshtha




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Greetings lovely ladies.

I am here to share with you a recipe that all of you should know,

in no connection with the other recipes you might have known cause that's what you are ought to know,

So fuck literature, math and science and please oh please drop that novel right now, unless it's a classic tale of a damsel in distress being rescued by a guy cause man oh man that's some serious shit.

You are surrounded by the ingredients so shush with the excuses please. Let's begin. Firstly, take a pot deep enough to keep interesting but shallow enough to maintain character.

Start with blood, which I know you know the source of, you can get it on monthly basis, no big deal get over it. Bring it to boil and to do that you can refer to any colonial preacher irrespective of what era.

Add a handful of lustful gazes that don't tell me you have never received ! In case you haven't then try stepping out of your house, yes it's important. Next, add to it loads of cliche', for instance - women come with a shelf life and a seal that shall not be broken, cause then all the character will corrode.

As the broth simmers roughly chop some stereotypes like too weak, too naive, too girly, too pink, too not pink, too opinionated, too strong, too vocal, too alive etc etc. and slowly add them to the pot.

After as long as you can take the heat, take the pot off the fire and garnish it with the most prohibited ingredients, the word - NO.

Voila ladies we are done here. Don't you dare tell me that you didn't like the recipe cause 1. You don't get to make choices here woman & 2. My mother and her mother and her mother's mother have all been soaking their opinions in this broth and trust me it comes out just the way he'll like it.

Thank me later !

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