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The minister had arrived to meet the Secretary, Director and Deputy Director to discuss the vision document that was prepared to improve the level of education in rural areas.

The Secretary gave a beautiful folder to the minster and said “Sir, I got the cover page of the document made in blue glossy paper. I knew that you like the blue colour”.

“That’s good. Now tell me what is in this document.”

“Mansingh, please give the details to the minister”, said the Secretary as he looked towards the director.

“Sir, I changed the font size from 10 to 12 and increased the line spacing to double. Now, it would be very easy to read the document.”

“But what is written in these paragraphs?” the minister was beginning to get irritated.

Immediately, the Director glanced at the Deputy Director Mrs.Sakshi urging her to speak.

“Sir, I wrote the introduction of this document. I thanked you, as well as the Secretary and the Director, in the document. In the end, but not least, I have also thanked the author, Kalyan, who has written the document.”

“It is shameful that none of you read such an important document so far. Who is Kalyan? Please call him.” The minister was now losing it.

Kalyan was arranging for tea and snacks for this meeting. He came over, running, and stood in the room with folded hands.

“Kalyan, I am proud of you! But I am sorry, I cannot give you any recognition or advantage for your capabilities. Gone are the times when a clerk became a Ramanujan. The country is independent now and I am bound by the law.”

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