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Blind Faith

Blind Faith

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Orthodox Kantaben was living with his only son Suhas. Suhas has married a year ago with Kalpana, a girl of a well-behaved family. They all were living along with the motto of Small Family, Happy Family. They were living far from the city, so they were having an atmosphere of old beliefs. Nearby there was a forest so they had hens, goats, and cows. Kantaben was much fond of his rust Shera. It used to wander all around the home freely. In short, their family was passing their life with happiness.

Kantaben used to do Shraddh of her husband Mahadevbhai every year by feeding the crow. On that day she also feeds 5 peoples. Kantaben used to say, that if my husband doesn't get peace then my life is not of a purpose. Suhas also helped her a lot in this thing. Today it was Shraddh of Mahadevbhai. Preparations started early morning. Kalpana was new to the family. So that she can help her Mother-in-law next year. It was time for lunch.

Now she put her rust Shera under a basket and then tied a 'Garland' around her husband's photo. She lightened incense sticks in front of the photo and they prayed for peace of his soul. She gave Milk-Rice in a bowl to Suhas, which he kept on the terrace. Guests started coming. Kantaben fed them with love. After the departure of guests, Kantaben took out the rust from the basket and offered him Milk-Rice.

Months after this incident Suhas booked a ticket for 'Char Dham' journey for his mother. Kantaben started preparing for the journey, at that time a tragedy happened. Her beloved rust Shera died. Kantaben was much sad about his death. Suhas said to her that while leaving for 'Char Dham' journey she shouldn't stay sad. When she will come back, he will bring the same kind of rust for her. The one who gets birth dies its rule of nature. Listening to the words from Suhas, Kantaben was shocked. She recalled that after a month it's Shraddh of her husband Mahadevbhai. And if she will not stay here then who will do it? Suhas made her understand that "Mom, you no need to worry. I know each and everything. I'll do it in the same way you would have done it. Don't be tense." Kantaben left for the 'Char Dham' journey.

After a month it was a day of Shraddh of Mahadevbhai. Suhas invited 5 people for lunch. That morning Kalpana woke up early for preparations. All were on the track still Kalpana was thinking that something is missing. The food was ready. It was time for the arrival of guests. Kalpana gave 'Garland' to Suhas for tying on the photo. Suddenly she shouted, "I got it. Listen. Mummy used to keep black rust under the basket, and until the guests leave, he used to stay under the basket. And after they leave, she used to offer him Milk-Rice."

With surprise, Suhas said, "Really?"

Kalpana said, "Yes. You used to offer Milk-Rice to crows before guests start eating. And after they eat, mummy used to offer Milk-Rice to rust."


Suhas said, "But we Don't have rust now. What should we do?"

Kalpana said, "Do anything but bring rust And that too of black color. I have promised mummy that in her absence I'll not leave anything in Shraddh. If you will not get rust then I will feel that I didn't keep my promise."

Suhas said, "But here no one keeps rust except us. Then from where should I get it? And now it's time for the arrival of guests."

Kalpana said, "I'll indulge them somewhere else. But you hurry up and get rust of black color from the neighbor village."

Suhas kicked his bike and went to the neighbor village. One by one all the guests came. Kalpana apologized to them and said, "Suhas must be coming soon with the rust. Wait a bit. Food is ready."

After an hour of waiting Suhas came with black rust, Kalpana placed it under a basket. Then tied 'Garland' on the photo. Suhas went to the terrace for offering Milk-Rice to crow. Now the food was served to the guests. While eating they asked about the story of rust. Suhas said to them about his mother's ritual. They showed much interest in it. Kantaben was much intelligent and well known; there must be some logic in her this work. Thinking that many villagers bought black rust and kept him under a basket. Rumors spray at a tremendous rate, so those who were having black rust started charging rent of Rs. 100/- hour. Some people placed a board on their door, "Black rust for Shraddh is available here."

When Kantaben returned from the journey of 'Char Dham' she inquired, "Son, did you completed your father's Shraddh properly? Did you miss anything?"

At that time Suhas said, "Mom your clever Daughter-in-Law didn't leave a thing. If you don't trust then ask her, I went to the neighbor village and bought black rust at a rent of Rs. 50/- hour."

Kantaben was surprised, "A black rust? Why?"

Kalpana said, "Mom, you used to keep black rust before the guests start eating and after they leave you used to offer him Milk-Rice. We just followed your that ritual."

Kantaben was done with their stupidity, "I used to keep Shera under a basket so that he didn't disturb the guests while eating."

And with surprise, Suhas and Kalpana glared each other.

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