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Srinivas Cv

Drama Tragedy


Srinivas Cv

Drama Tragedy

Application is not passed

Application is not passed

4 mins 222 4 mins 222

"Everyone respects my father the most", declared Ramu.

"No, my father is respected the most. He makes the most money.", countered Sunil.

They both were waiting for Naveen to add to the conversation. But he kept quiet. In Naveen's mind, his father deserves to be the most respected man. But, as he makes less money, no one treats him well. 

The whole conversation started when they came to know about "Father's day". That was all new to that village. So they made up their own stories. As per their story, the best father in the town was to get a gold medal on Father's day. So, the argument started between the three best friends on whose father is the best.

Ramu started again, first, "My father is the president of the village. Any officer who comes to town will come to our home. They will be all praise of his hospitality. Let us not forget any benefits this town gets is because of his direction."

Sunil interrupting Ramu, began, "Who advises your father? My father. He is sent as a collector to the village for a reason. This village needed my father's advice. If not for him, your father would be struggling."

Ramu, angrily, "Check all the buildings. It has my father's name, as the one who opened it, not your fathers'. Your father might be intelligent and all. But if not for my father, no one would have given him any freehand. "

The school teacher walking by heard their arguments. He came to them and was listening closely. Noticing this, Ramu and Sunil turned to their teacher and asked if he could judge for them. The teacher agreed.

The teacher turned to Naveen and asked, "Don't you feel your father deserves the prize?"

Naveen nodded a "Yes" in reply. 

"Why are you not arguing then?"

"I don't know. "

"You should have something to say."

"My father is the teacher for both Ramu and Sunil's fathers. He taught one to become the best leader, one to become a great officer. They both praised my father on various occasions. They gave all credit to their success to my father. They had stories of how he disciplined them, taught them what is wrong and what is right?"

"Then, why are you not arguing with your friends."

"Well, I can argue. But at what cost. Let us not forget, many people lost their livelihood because of the president's decisions. He promised them a great future. But once they lost everything, all he could do was give them a job as labour. The collector is what he is."

"What do you mean?"

"Corrupt. The village believes they two were in on it. That was how they are getting rich."

Both Sunil and Ramu had nothing to say. They know that their parents are corrupt. 

Ramu said, "If my father does not do what is required. Some other villages will get the benefits. We have to bribe people to get things done."

Sunil, nodding in agreement, added, "Yes, you don't know the world. Corruption is what runs the country. If you try to be honest, nothing gets done."

Naveen turned to his teacher and concluded, "This is why I was not arguing. My father was the teacher to the people who sold their souls. For that reason, I feel my father failed before he started."

Sunil and Ramu felt very guilty that day. That night they went to Naveen and asked, "Is corruption that bad? My parents say otherwise."

"It is", replied Naveen.

"Okay, this generation is what causes these problems. We will grow up and never be corrupt."

P.S.: Ramu was walking into the collector office over the slogans of his followers. "MLA Ramu Zindabad." Seeing Naveen in the waiting room, he was elated. He walks to his friend, embraces him, and takes him directly into the collector's room. It was none other than Sunil. Seeing both his friends, Sunil was delighted. After the initial pleasantries and sitting down, Sunil asks Ramu why he was there. 

Ramu replies, "For the contract, I credited the two crores to your account." Sunil putting his finger to lips points to Naveen. 

"He is our friend. Are you not?" asks Ramu. Before Naveen could respond, "He is our friend", said Ramu. 

Naveen starts walking out. 

Sunil asks, "Why is he leaving?". 

"My application is missing some important papers. They come in green colour it takes forever for me to get them. I have to start now."

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