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Drama Romance

The Unofficial Date

The Unofficial Date

2 mins

He asked me out, but little did he knew I was scared of the crowd. 

He wanted me to explore the things by taking me there, I never heard of those places prior as I was unaware. 

It was just on the other end of the town, the thought of such a long journey made me frown. 

I reached where he asked me to come, 

He was standing still, as if he was waiting for the one. 

Those chestnut eyes praising his messy hair,

An unsophisticated appearance showed, it was something he didn't care. 

He was as usual on time, a Punctual guy who never attempted such a crime. 

On the contrary, I reached to him manipulating and perfectly lying. 

I told the guy about my anticipation and he ensured that he won't leave my side. 

That unofficial date got something incredible in it, two mutual strangers were travelling together but unaware of their feelings. 

The evening was going on with a cheerful pace, they both were relishing its delightful taste. 

I was the one, pretending to be silly all day, but he was irresponsibly taking care of me all the way. 

As the thunderclap was gleaming in the dusky sky, 

He was not hoping for rain, but I was wishing for wings to fly. 

As an indication of the otherworldly power, the shower was kind of blessings on us. 

The night was getting grimier with my worries, I desperately wanted to be home on time and was somewhere in a hurry. 


While jumping down the stairs with the aisle of my thoughts, 

Being a clumsy girl, I stumbled and tripped but his hands made a tight grip. 

He was the man of his words, keeping his promises till the verge. 

The road was deserted due to the hefty downpour. 

I gathered the courage to cover the path on my own, abruptly, he clenched my hand as he was not ready to leave me alone.

Don't know what it was, he was a dominating stubborn guy from whom I couldn't succeed. 

We were walking together, wet and shivering- he was from the cold but I was fetching goosebumps from his hold.

We stood under the tree gawking at each other, saying nothing, but I didn't know that was what meant to be everything. 

It was the moment when our souls were somewhere escaping the reality, dancing in the world of fantasy. 

The day came to an end where, in a most unexpected way, a notorious lion fell for the innocent lamb. 

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