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Srinivas Ch



Srinivas Ch


An Unforgettable Experience

An Unforgettable Experience

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On my way back home from office, I received a very unfortunate call about the sudden demise of my well-wisher, once a down-to-earth gentleman but now up in the heaven. That news really reduced me to tears. However busy I was, I made up my mind to attend the funerals and therefore I had caught the next flight though I had to pay through the nose. After completion of the rituals, I wanted to return home by train, as the flights were not available. Here started a bitter experience which had never happened for me in any other parts of my world tour !!!

By 7 PM, remembering the time I had spent with the deceased, with a heavy heart, I arrived at the railway station and bought a general ticket, though I never had a prior experience of traveling in a general compartment. Tonight perhaps, even certainly, I had a presentiment that for the first time I should have to face the imminent discomfort in that journey. As I was having such thoughts in my mind, I ran into one of my old genius students, who often travels like air, searching for jobs. To get a seat for sure, this particular intelligent guy advised me to meet the TTE. After listening to this, my joy knew no bounds. I was on top of the world.

The TTE in the AC compartment was now angellike for me. He took some money (of course, gave a receipt for half the amount) and allotted a berth, that too a side window berth. I appreciated myself victoriously for convincing the TTE and also for succeeding in getting a berth. I wear pride on my shoulders and sat like a king sitting on the throne.

Then I penetrated the mysteries of this berth, and what I understood was that I had to sit and sleep on the berry with a stranger till we get down the next morning. Is not it really queer to sleep with a stranger? Obviously, it is.

When my companion of the berth arrived and we looked at each other. We were out of senses. I prayed every God to save us from the imminent disaster.

At this moment I realised that the passengers who don't have a reserved wicket were looked down on.

I went on searching for a berth with a hope of finding any vacant one. Then, I returned to my half berth, with full distress, looking miserably at the fellow passengers who kept themselves warm.

I was annoyed and felt inferior to have such a dreadful experience. I often looked out through the dim windows of train moving in the dark. I could not get any sleep. I looked at the watch eagerly, but the needles of the watch were also moving slowly just like the wheels of train.

Now the train stopped. I expected that some passengers would align here. I waited with a sarcastic grin, but the Gods were not kind to me.

Both of us struggled, for a few minutes, to find the perfect alignment, an adaptation of ‘69’ shape, in an opposite and linear alignment. He told me, "I’ll stretch my legs, you do the same." We carefully synchronised our movements, and within minutes both of us were in deep sleep.

But, it was not so soon. The train now picked up speed and the coach started to sway from one side to the other. Then, I lost my balance and fell to the floor from my precarious perch.

Just then, unbelievably and miraculously the swaying stopped as if the Gods realised that they had injured an innocent creation.

By now my friend had turned into the proverbial camel in the tent. Seizing the opportunity, he had stretched himself to occupy the entire berth.

I was distressed by the disaster and also distraught. What sin had I committed in my previous birth, to have this berth!

Not knowing what to do, mustering all my strength, I pushed and shoved my sleeping enemy, and managed to get my spine onto the bed.

Then, the time was 3.20 a.m., and I hoped to catch some sleep for the next four hours when the train was scheduled to reach my destination. Yes, finally I slept, and slept like a log!

At last, I reached my destination. I heaved a sigh of relief, got down the train, and took an auto home.

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