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Debashis Mishra

Drama Romance

All Is Fair In Love And War: Not Always

All Is Fair In Love And War: Not Always

5 mins

"Good job Major. You killed Nick Bernad, the best soldier of the enemy. We are proud of you, Mr. Patrick."- said the president as I received the award for my bravery to kill Nick Bernad.

But I knew It was much more than just bravery. I wish I could tell them how difficult it was to kill him. He was definitely the best, I wish I could tell them, why?

13th SEP 2014, somewhere on the other part of the border, it was sometime later than six in the evening. I found myself lying on the ground. Perhaps I was unconscious for hours. I tried to get up but failed. I was shot thrice and my left leg was broken in the blast. I crawled a few yards and found an enemy body. I took his clothes so that I can fool the enemies. 

I had no ammo left, but luckily my radio was still working. I sent my co-ordinates to the HQ. All I had left to do was wait. Either for help or death. Suddenly I saw someone limping. It was an enemy soldier.

"We gotta send a message to HQ" – he said, as my change of uniform had worked for me.

He sat down a few yards far from me as I confirmed that I had already sent a message to HQ. I was planning to take his gun somehow & kill him. But the only way that could have been possible was if he would have given it to me as I was in a position to move in inch.

"My name is Nick, Nick Bernad"- he said as he reloaded his two guns. I was shocked and to be honest a little frightened too. 

"Name is Patrik Homes. I have heard a lot about you, Nick. But one thing that always surprises me is that; why a guy from such a rich businessman's family would ever join the army?"- I asked to start a conversation before he starts to ask about me.

"That's a long story, my friend. I am not sure you can understand. "- he said.

"I may not understand perhaps but with 3 bullets in my body and a broken leg I am sure I can sit long enough to hear it." - I said.

He smiled like he thought of someone and started.

"I was 21 then. Rafting with three of my friends . We lost control, I fell into the river that flows towards the enemy country. The next thing I remember is waking up at an unknown place by the riverside."

"A girl saved me. Her name is Kat. She was beautiful. So beautiful that in just one look she convinced me that drowning in the river is my good luck, not a bad fortune"

"My name is Nick Bernad" – I said, as she asked but surprisingly she was not amazed to hear it as most girls do. I was quite famous even then because my dad is rich.

For the first time, I found, a girl caring for me without knowing who I am. I felt an urge to know her. She was really tensed and so involve to do my first aid as if I am not a stranger but someone really close to her.

While she was screaming to know if I am okay?, I kept staring at her. She thought I was in shock as I drowned but she didn't notice that I was falling again and this time I didn't want to be saved.

Before I could get to know her, my friends found me and all they said was - "Run" and I got to know for some reason they are scared to death.

We ran and on the way, I found out that we had crossed the border and she was from the enemy country. We got into our country somehow and I couldn't even say a proper goodbye to the girl I wanted to say everything about me.

My friend we happy as we escaped but one knew that I was not.

I talked to my dad about her, even after knowing the deadly rivalry between the two countries and the hate in the heart of the people of the two countries for their enemies. But I was not ready to take a No. I decided to join the army thinking, its the only way to get into the enemy country and see her once. 

"I have been deployed in many parts of the border but it has not been possible yet" – Nick breathed heavily as he concluded.

For a moment I had forgotten, he is my enemy as I asked - " Didn't she tell anything else? Her surname? Where she lives? Like anything ?"

"Yes, she did. Her name is Katherine Homes. She is a doctor. That's all I know."-Nick said.

I was shocked. That's my sister he was talking about. I could not believe that someone could risk his life so many times fighting soldiers of the enemy just see his love once. I could not help revealing my identity to him. Even though I was not sure about the consequences.

Before we could talk more we were some soldiers in my country approaching us. For the first time, I felt fear, not of death, but of losing someone. That too losing an enemy.

A soldier threw a gun to me as while I was fighting a battle with myself. I didn't want to kill him.

I aimed and shot a bullet right onto his heart. There was a smile on his face and tears on mine. Nick Bernad was defeated. My fellow soldiers were praising me. But only I knew how I shot the best and fastest shooter of the enemy who was holding two loaded guns even before I had one.

Only I knew Nick just won the battle of love and gifted her brother's life to Kat; the love of his life.

 Only I knew Nick Bernad was the best not only in war but in love too. Only I knew everything is fair in love and war: Not Always.

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