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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Kaalnari Kaal Nari

Children Stories


Kaalnari Kaal Nari

Children Stories



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THAKK! THAKK! THAKK! Aryan is walking with proud and immense pleasure as today he has put on a pair of new shoes. He is moving here and there at home stretching out his chest like a king while waiting for his school van. Watching this scene since last fifteen minutes his younger sister Chinky exclaimed, “Oh Bhaiya! Don't pretend to look like a king because only shoes can’t make a boy a king.” Getting irritated,Aryan very quickly reacted, “Will you pleases shut your mouth? I must tell you that shoes are my passion.I love them a lot. They give me a royal look and a grand feel. I wish I would have one day all the brands and range of shoes of this world. Even currently I feel proud to have a rich collection of shoes of my choice. Thats why I cant bear to loss even one pair of them.”

 It is mid November of Lucknow. Winter is extreme.Everyone is compelled to cover their whole body and head to protect from the cold. At least no one could think of walking without a footwear. 

Since morning Aryan is carrying a splendour mood and fancies to lead the entire day with glory of wearing his glorious footwear.

As he approached school out of sudden he noticed from the window mirror a young boy of his age is running on the road bare footed to sell groundnuts. His father is roasting the groundnuts in a very small shop temporarily set in a corner. From the shop the boy is fetching small packets of groundnuts in his hands and starts to chase every passerby to woo him for purchasing his packet with a soft smile.

At first sight Aryan feels very bad to see his bare foot and then his glorious shoes. After some seconds feeling heavy, he starts to look away.He convinces his mind that he is a poor boy and I am not. But that is not my fault. So what to do. Leave it. He enters into the school.

While coming back from school he reluctantly sees the same boy but this time he is roasting the groundnuts by himself. He is wearing now a big sized slipper as his father is sleeping on the ground near him.

By now, everyday while coming to and going from school, Aryan feels somehow getting connected to visualise the same scene.Then he argues with himself that God has only made such differences between us. He cant afford even one pair of shoes while I may have as much pairs as I wish . And I am not God so I don't need to get worried for that poor boy. Let it go.

After one week Half yearly examination has been commenced. Aryan has got busy to do the best as he wants to attain again ninety percent marks to prove Chinky that not only shoes but marks too he achieves to walk like a king.

“Oh God! How happened and how can it be possible”, Aryan is mumbling with strainful face.On the very first day of examination the teacher ordered him to go out of the Exam-Hall because he does not have his admit card.He is searching that here and there at school campus but no success. As time is passing on and his mind has stopped to work any more now. Now he is pressurised to go back to main gate to exit. His walking now has become so painful and heavy that even his favourite shoes are not helping it out. Chinky would be laughing loudly and teasingly he becomes restless just to imagine her face. Slowly slowly Aryan becomes convinced that yes, only shoes can’t make a boy a king.

Aryan is now near the main gate and fifteen minutes have been passed away since the examination commenced. Oh! who is calling my name from outside the school. He is shocked to see the face of name-caller. He is none other than - that groundnut seller boy with a small paper . Thinking something, Aryan rushed to him ,yes,he is right.That paper is his admit card which he wants to give him. “Oh! Thank you very much.”! “Ok Ok. First you go to your Exam-Hall and All the best.” Throughout the paper ,Aryan has been engrossed in the thinking of that groundnut seller boy and especially his bare foot.

After the exam, he immediately reached to the shop, but, alas! the boy is not there. His father tells him that he would come after one hour. Ok. I will come again here . I want to meet him. His father says nothing and nods surprisingly. His name is Manohar Aryan came to know.

Aryan first of all choose one good pair of slipper and shoes each for Manohar from his grand collection of foot wears, packed beautifully along with two chocolates. Taking his mother’s permission, he took his sister and went that shop. Now Manohar is waiting for him. Aryan asked him how he got his admit card. Manohar explained , “Yesterday when You were going back to home by Van, I noticed your admit card falling down on the road. I ran too behind the van but van caught the speed and gone. My home is far from here so I did not go back to home yesterday and slept at the shop under shivering cold so that I could deliver it to you in the morning in time. It took fifteen minutes to reach to you because school guard was not allowing me to approach the main gate.”

“Oh! My goodness! Manohar I am here to convey my sincere thanks to you. Dear friend, I request you to accept this packet as token of love”. With hesitation,Manohar accepted his gift.

On the way to home, Chinky is grinning and says, “Oh! Bhaiya, I don't know why but it seems that you are looking like a little king.”

Aryan’s steps are now silent with expanding his heart that sounds like thaak….thaak….thakk….

(Message of the story-

An achievement of expansion of heart by the loss of ego,

An achievement of expression of kindness by the loss of self-attachment)

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