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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Abduction Of Bag

Abduction Of Bag

3 mins 8.5K 3 mins 8.5K

“Where is my bag?” I gasped as I came out of the classroom.

Parul looked at me and the floor. Her expressions were as empty as the corridor.

“My bag, my bag, where is it?” I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Someone might have taken it by mistake.” Parul suggested

“Then there should have been some other bag lying here” I replied, “It’s OK, it’s gone.”

“What was in the bag?” Maanas asked

“Laptop, two mobile phones, wallet, keys.. Almost everything” I started laughing, I am not sure why.

“Whoa!! And you are laughing.”

“I don’t know. I lost all the valuables and it feels ticklish.” I couldn’t stop giggling

“I think you also lost your mind because of the shock.” Now everyone was laughing.

We searched for a couple of hours in the college. We called my numbers; switched off. At last, I used Parul’s phone to inform my parents about it. An e-mail was sent to everyone in college with two contact numbers (Parul & Satya), in case anyone finds the bag.

“Hanumanji, I will give you five bucks only if you return my bag.” I threw a flying kiss to the sky.

“Rs.5 bribe for something costing nearly 25-30 thousands. Hanumanji won’t listen to you.” Maanas laughed.

“Guess what, I lost my bag with .. you know.. my world in it” I told my roommate with the excitement of someone who just won a medal.

“Cool!! Do you need my phone to update your facebook status.. Feeling poor or something?”

“I need your wallet. I am so hungry and I don’t have access to money in my cupboard without keys”

“Are you serious? You don’t look like someone who lost her bag in the middle of examinations”

“We have three days off before next exam and I will get all the notes. Therefore, don’t worry.”

“I’ll just change and we will go to some restaurant. Don’t move till I come”

“It’s OK. I have lost my bag not my mind”

“DON’T MOVE” She said, as she went to washroom.

“Hi! How was your day?” Ayushi (my another roommate) stepped in

“Usual. You know, neither we brought anything with us nor we will take. We got it here, we will leave everything here.” I was showing off my Gita knowledge till Shweta came to shut me up, “She lost her bag and her mind.”

“And you are so calmed down” Ayushi looked at me unbelievably

“I promise I will worry once I eat something. Let’s go.”

I had a nice Dinner that night and everyone (including me) was surprised by my reactions. I knew I should be worried sick but something about the whole situation felt funny. I got new keys and notes next day.

“Hey, we found your bag.” Parul came running to my hostel with a blue polythene stuffed with my black laptop backpack.

“What? Where?”

“Someone gave me a call and said ‘the bag is lying in blue polythene in municipality dustbin’. He was definitely watching us” Parul stopped to take a breath, “once I picked up the bag he called again saying ‘you found it, my responsibility is over now’ I have checked the laptop. See if all other stuff still in it”

Batteries of electronic devices were taken out but were still in the bag. Everything was present if not untouched. I checked my wallet. Rs.500 note was replaced by Rs.100 note.

“Loss of 400 bucks. I think I can do with it” I had stopped laughing now.

“Did you actually lose your bag or you were making it up” My roommates asked

“Swear to God, I lost it”

“As if you believe in God” They were right I didn’t.

I received a phone call that night.

“Did you find your bag”


“Did you check your belongings? Found everything?”



“Wait a minute. Who are you?”

“Just a friend”

“Mine or thief’s?”

“Both” He laughed and disconnected.

“Show the number, we will figure out” my roommates were hovering above me

Some instinct told me otherwise and I cleared my call list immediately.

Next day I gave five bucks to “Hanumanji”, a treat to my friends and stupid explanations for deleting the caller’s number.

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