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suhas ghoke

Drama Romance

An Unexpected Confession

An Unexpected Confession

5 mins

One night, a feeling of uneasiness and exigency of fresh air woke me up, at what I think was 4:00 A.M. I got up from the bed and had some water.

Sipping on the coffee early in the morning and thinking about the real happy moments of my life really helped me relax and live.

My roommate Nabila.

*_Mera dil bhi kitna pagal hai yeh pyaar toh tumse karta hai, par samne jab tum aate ho kuch bhi kehne se darta hai_*

With her earphones plugged in, humming her favorite song, she was sitting on the edge of the swimming pool. While her feet were calmly playing in water and that long curve of her lips were effectively reflecting her profound happiness and peace, her eyes were juggled amidst a picture which was securely preserved in a hidden album of her gallery and the orange setting sun, which was really soothing but on the same time it was trying to compete with that picture to attain her all attention, but maybe it wasn't that charming or maybe that picture was the sole reason of the curve of her lips.

Those beautiful lyrics reciting the story of not being able to make a love confession even though being in madly in love with someone, were somewhere deepening her scars, and made her again stand on those crossroads whose one end asked her to confess her feelings and held the biggest risk of losing him forever while the other one wanted her to slowly kill herself under the unbearable pressure of her unconveyed emotions with a slight relief of being with him for a longer time, but both roads were just taking her to a point where regret and pain waited to accompany her.

Above all this, she would never ever let me know how broken she is...

Nabi would push me to enjoy weekends and always says

"Hey, girl get a life".

She was just everything to me. More than a roommate and a friend.

But due to my job I could never give her much time but still she never mind.

Many would die for the luxury and money I commanded, but me. A typical daily schedule felt like slow poison, that choked me to death every single day, bit by bit.

She would cook , clean up the room and a cup of coffee always ready for me at any time. I was thankful and just blessed to have her.

So one fine day.. I woke up late and suddenly I could hear Nabi weeping out.

She had a photo in one hand and tears slowly coming down.

I was more shocked. Such a jolly person what may be the reason.

Why is she broken??

She always used to pen her feelings in diary.

I took her diary and now I was deeply saddened as she never said me what exactly she was going through...

Yes, she was in love or would rather say madly in love with someone who could never be hers or who was hers but just her close friend, she had the rights over his life and ruled his heart but in a different way, she was the one who could find a partner for him, but could never be a partner for him and the caption of that picture "Friends Forever" was proving it. It has been past seven years of the day when she realized her love for her childhood friend who doesn't even remember about a single day of his past but with each passing day her heart forces her to love him even more unconditionally.

Now the phone screen displayed his chat screen, where she started typing a text and started to rant about her feelings and her tears were equally matching her typing speed, and she finally completed writing a long note to him, paused herself for a second and sent it to him.

But it didn't show any tick, and that's when she realized her phone had no network and her fears suddenly struck her heart, and she deleted her text, opened their picture, hugged the phone and cried. She failed yet again today.

Suddenly, her screen flashed with his name, he was calling, this was the best thing about him, maybe his sixth sense always made him alert about her mood, and he never failed to surprise her with his presence around her whenever she became upset. She instantly made herself calm, wiped those tears and picked up the call after a pause.

The first thing he asked was, "Are you fine?", while she lied to him with a yes, stars sighed, and he started to narrate the things happened in that day, how he got to hear things at home, how his friends replied and how he found a new crush today and cracked some lame jokes.

The name echoed in my brain like a loud bell, ringing straight in my ear, bursting the eardrums out. My body failed to respond and expressions flew off of my face, leaving me numb and dumbfounded.

He was none other than my colleague's s brother..

Without wasting no time I called him and said it's emergency.

Come fast.

Nabila was lying on her bed..with laptop on and she for the first time had messed up her room.

Suddenly the doorbell rang..

I hurriedly opened the door.

Now both of them in front of each other.

Both shocked and numbed.. even they had no idea how are they supposed to react.

Hey guys what are you up to??

You duffer proposed her man..

I never knew you would always talk about Nabi.

Now everything is just clear.

Both looked at me with the most vulnerable expression ever.

His blue eyes were so moist, looking at Nabi, as if not believing what I just said. Maybe words are not enough. Nabi wanted to assure him that what I said was true. So she did the thing that she had been wanting to since the minute when she saw him. She kissed him.

I could witnessed everything in front of me..

Lucky me.

Wasn't one if those kisses which we see in the movies or read about. The ones full of passion and craving. It was the most tender kiss, sweet and full of love. It was a kiss of assurance, a kiss of safety and security. A kiss full of promise.

As they parted, Both looked at each other with utmost sincerity and seriousness and said - "Let's get married. ".

And everyone of us burst out laughing..

I was happy a lot.

Finally something to cheer in Nabi's life..

She deserves above all and I am blessed to have both of them close to me.

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