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A Story For PUBG Players

A Story For PUBG Players

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One day My son Aryan was in his room I call him for dinner but he didn't come I call him 5 times but he didn't come I got angry and go to his room but he didn't he was there Then I suddenly remember that he had gone to his friend hose for playing with his phone.

I call him but he didn't pick up the call so I called his friend he said "that he had left his home 2 minutes ago he will maybe reach home" after half an hour he was still not at home then I got scared and go to his friend house and every second I was looking out of a car as I was looking for him.

I didn't found him bI ring the bell of his friend house he opens the door I say "where is Raj"

" Oh my god he is still not reached," he said

"No I check the whole way from your home to mine but he is not there, "I said.

"Oh maybe he had gone to the clubhouse of Teena he goes their sometimes as their is Ac and Teena his girlfriend," he said

oh, what by listening that I was happy and angry both as he was safe but he didn't tell me about this he should at least inform me I decided that I decided that I will teach him a lesson in the morning.

Next day

I was angry but he was still not there then I go to the living room to read the newspaper as I open the newspaper the all happiness all anger was gone as my son was dead his body was found on the road he was walking on the road because while playing the game PUBG.

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