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Tanisha Sethi

Abstract Children


Tanisha Sethi

Abstract Children

A smile taught the Lesson of Life…

A smile taught the Lesson of Life…

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One fine morning, a young boy while going to school learnt the Lesson of Life, at his Bus Stop.

A little boy named Dhruv, was all ready to go to school with his bags and lunch box ready for the day. While waiting for his bus, he was startled by a strange voice calling him from his back. He immediately turned around to know who is there! To his surprise, a little child, very lean and thin with soiled clothes was expressing to him in his juvenile voice. Dhruv in an annoying gesture asked

“Who are you and what do you want from me?”

The little boy with his muted voice asked him for help. But Dhruv wondered about it and said

“How Can I? I am a little boy and don’t have anything to contribute. My parents are at home who actually might do something for you or else, the best thing you do is ask your parents to help. My parents never deny me for any kind of help”.

The little boy said, “I am even younger than you and I don’t have parents to ask for help. I am all alone in this whole world and live here in the Streets.”

Dhruv felt pity for him but still was unable to understand how he can be helpful to the little child. So, he again asked him curiously that how, how can I help you?

The little boy with his smudged tiny fingers pointed towards the lunch box, Dhruv was carrying and asked ‘what do you have in this box?’

Dhruv replied,” it’s my lunch box for the school. My mom packs it for me every day with tasty-tasty food items. Today, I have not seen what it contains.”

Listening to this, the minor’s eyes stuck to the box Dhruv was carrying and his mouth filled with water.

Dhruv slowly tried to realize what the little one wants but yet to get confirmed, he questioned, “Tell me, what you want?”.

Staring continuously at the Lunch Box, the little lad whispered,”can you give something of it to eat. I have not eaten anything since last two days. I am dying out of hunger.”

Though Dhruv was too young to understand his situation and to think about it maturely but in his innocence, he instantaneously opened his box and handed it over to the little boy. The time it was offered to the junior, a strong noise was heard. Dhruv’s school bus was blowing horn and all those waiting at the stop were rushing to enter the bus. In a hurry, Dhruv left his lunch box with the little boy and boarded the bus. After he realized that he has left his carry box, he turned around to ask for it. But then he could not utter a single word from his mouth when he saw the happiness and smile that a piece of bread brought on the face of his new friend.

That small moment made Dhruv a mature child as if he has understood everything in life and all the ifs and buts of living. By showing a kind gesture to one who was in need, Dhruv has earned all the pleasure of life. He then appreciated the fact that he is very lucky to have parents who support him all the time, provide him with the basic amenities of life. But, there are people who struggle so much for fulfilling the basic needs of life. From that very moment, it became the purpose of his life to help the one in need in some or other ways.

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