A Harsh Goodbye

A Harsh Goodbye

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I was happy today. you know, we are going to meet after 3 years. Everything would be changed. He would now look more tall and handsome as before he was 3 years ago. when I will see him, once again we'll fell in love with each other.

I know he missed me like hell. It was the same day when we met for the first time. He was in a park and I was on the road. he fell in love with me at first sight. genuinely, we started feeling for each other and after a week he proposed to me! it was too early for me but I accepted the next day and after a few days,

He said that he was going abroad to study. He kissed me with an assurance to come soon. Now the time came. I went to the same park. I waited for him and after waiting for forone and half hours a car came close to me. then the door open. He came from the car and when I saw him, I got insane. I rushed and hugged him tightly.

For a minute he was motionless and does not respond. He acted like he doesn't know me. After a minute the door of the car opened and a girl with beautiful appearance came to us. The boy pushed me back slowly and said 'goodbye'.

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