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A Dialogue With The Mirror

A Dialogue With The Mirror

2 mins 739 2 mins 739

Not too long ago it happened. Nothing very grave, but something strange. And also unanswerable.

Pulling on a delayed while, Leon was observing his face in the mirror. He shifted the focus of the bulb onto himself and moved closer. With the shining light on himself, he now looked better. With his left hand, he takes a comb and chips a neat partition...' schoolboy' look.

"Not good," he says to himself. Now the partition is made less distinct. This was more like him: not forthcoming. Every new handiwork gave him to mask-on a new different attitude.

"...would Nyphris like it? Helena might be there...she and her weird make-ups..."

"Hello Leon, spare me a moment"

Leon (to himself): "...don't open your shoes, the socks have gaping holes. And oh this nasty pimple. Nyphris won't even notice me."

Something unfamiliar had just passed his mind. Someone had just said, "Hello Leon, spare me a moment." Nervously, he looks around.

"I'm here."-- the voice came."I'm the mirror. Spare me a few minutes... won't you Leon."

Leon couldn't reply.

The mirror understood the shock and said: "Let me do the talking"

Mirror: "You look at me so much. You look at me to see yourself, isn't it? Now, don't say no."

Silence follows.

Mirror: "I find my being strange. Everybody sees oneself. Often I see a dozen people gazing at once into me. and they see only themselves and nobody else. Queer, isn't it."

Leon couldn't see himself now in the mirror.

Mirror: "What you see in me?" What do you look like in me? What new I have to offer that you see all the time? Tell me, Leon."

Mirror: "Guests like you don't disturb, they mystify me. They make me ask questions to guests, like you."

Leon was not able to reply. Like he is out of words when he talks to Nyphris.

Mirror: "Tell me, Leon, what do I look like? What do you see? Do I have eyes?"

Judging this helpless condition of the mirror, he searches for an answer. Finally, he says, combing his hair --

"What should I say. mirror...mirror on the wall. Every time I paint a portrait, I lose a friend. I guess mirrors should think longer before they reflect."

Leon did not wait for the reply. And the mirror waited for another guest.

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