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Children Stories Drama


Nikhil Maturi

Children Stories Drama

A Day Without Electricity

A Day Without Electricity

3 mins

"Mother ", Hollered Rohan at the top of his lungs.

"Yes", replied his mother calmly.

"Did the electricity just go? " Demanded Rohan.

"Yes", said his mother unshaken. 

"How long will it be gone?" Questioned Rohan.

" A whole day", answered his mother. 

" What! ", said Rohan. " ou got to be kidding," said Rohan

" No," replied his mother casually.


" Ugh, I have so many things to do", said Rohan.

" Like what?" asked Rohan's mother.

" Well, I got to play video games and watch youtube ", replied Rohan. "Also I will what can I do outside, I will get bored ", said Rohan.

" There are many things to do ", said his mother. 

" Like what?" asked Rohan hopefully.

" Figure it out yourself," said Rohan's mom.

Rohan stomped out the door in frustration. He sat down on the front step of the big concrete cube which happened to be his house. His house had vines twirling all around it and splintered wooden beams supporting the house. They also had a garden running around the outside of the house. It was spotted like a cheetah due to a bad paint job.

Meanwhile, Rohan was still sitting down with a big frown plastered onto his face. His arms were crossed and his eyebrows were scrunched up. Then his mom stepped out of the house and saw Rohan sitting on the doorstep and she said: " You won't get anything by sitting there ". Ugh! Rohan got up, dusted his hands and started strolling around the garden. In the corner of his garden near a pile of lumber was a small box covered in cobwebs. Rohan pushed the cobwebs out of the way and held the box. He took it back to the other side of the garden and opened. He saw...

Once he opened the box he saw holi colour. Rohan was confused where this came from. Nevertheless, he started having some fun. He tried to make a drawing with it. He sprinkled some white colour for the outlines and started filling it in. He filled it in with bright shades of yellow and dark shades of red. After hours of drawing and refining, he stood up, wiped his hands on shorts and looked at his masterpiece. He was proud of himself. He then turned his head towards the sky and saw the sun soaring high in the sky and the asphalt road sizzling. At the same time, his mother shouted: " Rohan ". But there was no response so she started towards the garden. Then she saw holi colour on the ground, peeped around the corner and saw Rohan staring at the sky. 

"Rohan," said Rohan's Mother

" Huh, Oh ... hi," said Rohan disturbed. 

" Wow," Rohan's Mother said. 

" What?" said Rohan.

" That," said Rohan's mother pointing at the piece of art. "Good job," she told him.

" Thanks," said Rohan pleased.

" But I think you've had enough," said Rohan's mother very happy. "Let's go inside " Rohan's Mother continued.


When they walked inside they were greeted by lights and moving fans.

"Oh look," said Rohan's Mom, " The Electricity is back earlier than expected," said his Mom. "You may go play now and do whatever you what."

" No," Rohan said, " I think I've learnt my lesson," He said. " Let's eat lunch " he added on.

His mother walked into the kitchen with a bright smile on her face...

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