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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Arpita Aparajita .



Arpita Aparajita .


A Bottle Holding Memories

A Bottle Holding Memories

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Rohan is too restless to sit. Hospital's waiting rooms are always scary. After his parents had died 12 years ago, he always felt the same in the hospital - full of nerves and this time the one in hospital Operation theater is Leah the most important woman of his life. He was holding the bottle looking at Leah’s name on it and memories were flooding back to him.

He could still remember the first time they had met in college.

Some years ago

Rohan saw Leah slapping Hannah. Hannah was Rohan’s girlfriend that time and as usual, like a saver, Rohan went to break the fight and told Leah to never touch Hannah again with a look that can make any man piss in his pants. But as Leah was a girl who would never back down, simply stared back at Rohan with the same fierceness and said “ask your pretty little girlfriend to never come near me and as advice for a law student Never defend anyone before knowing if they are worth it” and went away. Afterwards when Rohan heard that actually Hannah was Jealous of Leah as she has topped Creative literature class and has called Leah a slut also insulting her family as she was an orphan. He understood what Leah had meant. Feeling very guilty, he asked Hannah to apologize. But they had a huge fight over it and broke up. Next day he found Leah in dance class and apologised to her with her favourite dark chocolate. After that day they became best friends and though they were always fighting but always being there for each other whenever they needed may it be Leah’s dance institute audition or Rohan’s inter-college sports tournament. They always supported each other and were inseparable.

When he was 15 his parents got into a car accident and never came back. Though Rohan had a trust fund and never had to face problems financially but was all alone like Leah and so they understood each other. Leah found Rohan at his home alone on his parent’s death anniversary holding a locked box watching towards the sea from his parent’s bedroom window. She couldn’t leave him alone and just joined him without saying anything and held his hand. Rohan knew that she would be dying from curiosity but she respected Rohan so didn’t ask. Suddenly wanting to share a part of him and wanting to share his parents he told the story to her that was the biggest secret in his closet.

His parents used to travel a lot for business and every time they came home, they used to bring a piece of their best time for Rohan written on a Postcard and put it in the box. And his father used to tell Rohan, “Any time you miss us just open this box and you will find yourself with us in every journey of our life. Because you are always present in our heart and we in yours.” When Rohan was a child, he would be very excited to find what was new in the box but he admitted that since the day of the accident it had been 7 years that he has never opened the box. But that day Rohan opened the box and recounted the story of each card. That day he laughed, cried and for the first time, he didn’t feel alone.

By the end of that year, they both had success in front of them. Leah had got a dance scholarship program for one year in The University of Hannington in New York and also got the internship with her favourite Literature writer in New York and Rohan had got Internship with the biggest Law firm in Mumbai. It was the happiest day of her life as all her dreams were coming true after struggling for 22 years of her life. But somehow she was still not happy because she realised that she will be leaving a part of her heart. T

ill then she hadn’t realised how Rohan had become an important part of her life. Rohan knew how big this opportunity is for Leah, so he never stopped her and encouraged her to go, though inside he had the biggest fear of being left alone again. On her last day, Leah gave him the biggest gift. She showed him 2 bottles each engraved with their names on it. Leah suggested that for next year whenever they felt that they wanted the memory or a secret to share with each other, they will write it in the paper and put it inside this bottle. And when Leah returns after one year, they will open the bottle and share the secrets to relive all the moments together.


One year later

He was nervous as well as filled with excitement to see Leah. Though the whole year he and Leah had spent every free time in the phone, skype or emailing each other but still, he had realised that he loved Leah not because Leah was pretty and was always there for him but she was the strongest, stubborn, independent woman and had the most beautiful heart. And he realised she made her feel alive and he will not be able to live without her. He had picked a ring a diamond set in a heart like her and had planned a romantic proposal at Keyar’s Diner, Leah’s favourite place.

He took his bottle and added the ring in it and decided after they exchange their memories when she sees the ring in a bottle, he will propose to her. But when he reached the airport, roads were blocked. On inquiring he heard that there has been a shoot-out near the airport and many have been wounded. Panicked he went to the hospital and started shouting Leah’s name searching for her. The hospital was filled with wounded people but finally, a nurse guided to Leah’s room and he realised that she had a sling on her arm.

At that moment, looking at him Leah smiled and his heart stopped, she told him that she was lucky as the bullet has reflected and just grazed her flesh. When asked how Leah showed him the broken bottle. Bullet has actually hit the bottle that Leah was holding, broke the bottle, got deflected and just touched Leah’s arm. Rohan hugged her tightly thanking her and thanking God for not taking her from him. Leah was taken a little aback on the show of such emotions, Leah knew Rohan cared for her but she had been in love with him since that first day they had met.

The first thought when she was shot was to meet Rohan again once before she died. But seeing Rohan crying broke her heart, she didn’t want to hope but her heart was screaming with feelings that Rohan’s eyes showed now. Rohan stared at her beautiful eyes and saw the surprise in them and realised he cannot wait long before letting her know what he feels. After meeting with the doctor, he took Leah to his home. Ordered dinner and sat in front of her offering his bottle. Leah looks confused when she takes the bottle from Rohan, he hasn’t spoken a single word on the whole way from the hospital. When she looks inside bottle, she sees something shiny in the bottle and then she realises and gasps. Rohan takes the ring from the bottle and kneels down beside her and says, “Leah, I had thought that losing my parents will be the hardest for me, but when I thought I might lose you today my whole life shattered in front of my eyes. I love you Leah and I can’t live without you. Marry Me Leah!! “.

Present Day after two Years

Rohan is holding the bottle with Leah’s name in the front and Rohan’s Name in the exact opposite side of that. They have decided that they will have a bottle for their child and fill it with their memories for him who can open it on his 16th Birthday to connect how his parents felt all these years. Today will be the start of those memories and started writing something. As he filled the paper in the bottle doctor came out to congratulate him and told that both Leah and Reyansh are fine and Rohan can meet both of them. He goes inside and sees the most beautiful picture of his wife holding their son. He takes a pic to put in the bottle later for Reyansh to remember this moment. He goes their and kisses both Leah and their son feeling as the luckiest man on the planet.


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