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A Bag Of Thoughts

A Bag Of Thoughts

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Sitting in the balcony, facing a slow-flowing river with a bag of thoughts inside my head.

Suddenly the wind chime started clicking.

And it worked like a key to the chained, locked up bag of my thoughts.

The lock popped up, they started flowing.

My thoughts that have been my greatest enemy till now, were following the flow of the river.

I could see them leaving my bag with each click of the wind chime.

No more thinking, no more worry about them, they just flowed out making my bag lighter as I saw them being carried away by the wind.

It was a stimulation, one of the best a human can go through.

When you pass your each day by filling up your bag, the bag just keeps getting deeper but never gets filled. 

But it gets heavy.

Heavy enough the dampen your pace, heavy enough to make you crumble.

But we just need that one wind chime. That is all we search for.

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