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You Are Your Passion

You Are Your Passion

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It is not easy to be self-satisfied,

It is rare to have passion and career to be the same,

Your job demands you a lot of things,

But do not forget what you are.

Take another chance to prove your choice is worthy,

It is like utilizing your post work time to study further,

It is like running an extra mile every day to be an athlete,

I know you know a lot more ways to do the stuff,

But all your thoughts collapsing in the cubicle of self-doubt,

But never forget you is your passion and the things you love.

You are your passion,

You are the hobbies you love,

Try to suffer for what you love,

Passion means suffering in Latin,

But don't you think suffering for what you love gives you self satisfaction?

Here I am not saying the phrase "Leave everything for your passion",

But don't you think you are responsible for your dreams?

But don't you think you are having that great desire in you?

Don't you think you are your passion?

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