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Hishita Lakhani

Inspirational Others


Hishita Lakhani

Inspirational Others

You are perfect !!

You are perfect !!

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You are not defined by your 

Age or the amount of grey hair,

You are not judged by the money you spend or the brands that you wear,

You are not the wrinkles on your cheeks or the under eye circles,

You are definitely not succumbed to society or their top class individuals!!

You are all the interesting books that you read and the lovely words you speak,

You are like the sunshine which appears in the morning with a streak,

You are like the beautiful flowers that bloom up in the spring,

You are like the birds in the sky who fly afar with their wings!!

You are all the places that you have travelled and memories that you made,

You are like the moonlight on a dark night which dosent want to fade,

You are like the laughter of small kids when they are happy and gay,

You are like the cold and cosy weather on a rainy day!! 

You are the things that you believe in and the people that you love,

You are special to your family and the Lord above,

You are made of so much beauty please do not forget ,

Don’t judge yourself for what your not, you are just perfect!!!

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