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Revolutionize India's governance. Click now to secure 'Factory Resets of Governance Rules'—a blueprint for a fair and prosperous future.

Keshvi Pahwa

Tragedy Inspirational


Keshvi Pahwa

Tragedy Inspirational

Unprecedented Times Require Unprecedented Measures

Unprecedented Times Require Unprecedented Measures

2 mins

The year came like

Every other year 

Little did we know it will be filled with fear

The news was still

In the dragon’s tail until

Its fiery breath came out and wrapped the whole world in the cage.

The fire first burnt Wuhan and emitted the invisible virus so far 

From here started the unprecedented times when the 

Hospital flooded with patients in quarantine 

The markets and malls became deserted 

Many from their jobs were averted

While the birds did rejoice 

The planet started breathing again and the Ganga water became pitiable after decades

But unfortunately, the humans started fearing their own race 

Handshakes, hugs and roaring stadiums 

Appeared like graves


Their masks became visible now 

People suffering from coughing, sneezing and fever became their enemies from now 

The WhatsApp messages forwarded the cures with no know-how 

This was the time when the soldiers dressed in white came to rescue the infected and the fine 

Citizens did pay them tribute for nine minutes at nine but the hypocrites threaten them to vacate where they reside 

The government kept on extending the lockdown but it saw the economy in recession and frowned 

Now came the time to open it with all the 

Unprecedented measures 

Sanitisation became a leisure 

Social distancing was to be followed everywhere 

Breathing openly without a mask was 

Allowed nowhere 

Shops opened alternately 

And online education was imparted regularly 

Crowd gatherings were banned

Worshipping the Almighty needed to be done under one's fan 

Cremation and marriage were to be done without inviting the whole clan 

On the flip side, the family sat and talked after ages

Students turned reading their textbook pages


Nature took its revenge smartly 

The world became stormy

However, not everyone was in the same boat 

The poor who couldn’t afford the online education 

Sat in dismay as their future remained vague

Some baked cakes and enjoyed their fate 

While the labourers walked barefoot to 

reach their hometowns as they were tired to wait 

A kind soul stepped in and donated to 

Help them reach home safe 

Yet again our land returned to ancient times

Where the deprived enjoyed no gain 

But the government tried every bit 

To save them from being the fragile frail 

And the PM Cares fund received the amount in large scale


While I write all this in my room sitting aside 

I think about the tragedy and the lost prodigies due to disease and suicide 

It’s a gentle reminder to slow down 

Appreciate life and to the human, please be the ‘humankind ‘

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