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Sharique Jamal



Sharique Jamal


Time And Dust...

Time And Dust...

2 mins

Time and Dust...

Many sunrises, innumerable sunsets,

Many castles, countless crowns,

Many paths, mighty ships,

To weeds and ruins, 

To desolate end have come,

For time spares none,

Time the biggest leveler.

Life inhales, death exhales,

Countless dreams,

Aspirations and achievements,

Empires and kings,

Of might and power,

Thrones of gold,

Immortal Desires,

All swept under the dust of time,

For nothing remains, no footprints,

That time cannot wipe off.

All born, destined to age,

Green shoots, myriad flowers,

Abundant night flies, soaring eagles,

Shall see the sunset,

The dust which time carries,

Endless, eternal, with no malice,

Nothing personal, for graves it does not dig,

It just goes on, sweeping the kings

And beggars alike,

The fauna and flora alike,

To dust, for another dawn,

Another green shoot to blossom,

With same ecstasy, same aspirations,

Death and life stand aside, in awe,

As time, walks alone,

The Lone Ranger,

Sweeping the dust of mortality,

Whistling a tune of uncaged soul,

No weeping or pain,

Not laughter or gain,

Just doing the work, indifferent,

Of melting sunrise into darkness,

Often we think time will last forever,

Good or bad, making albums of loved ones,

Telling tales of youth and rapture,

While time stands in the corner,

Smiling yet not cynical, just knowing,

Time the greatest leveler,

Time the lone ranger.

Watches and timepieces,

Playthings we keep,

To fool ourselves, by nurturing our moments,

Or dividing our glory,

Scarce matters if we make peace with past,

Or cuddle regrets, for the lion which roared,

Needs to rest now, the leaves green, have shades of yellow,

Strands of hair have streaks of white,

Time stands patiently,

For nothing shall last, 

The embers may glow awhile,

But for the last spark,

Till time renews it again.

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