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Deepanshi Jindal



Deepanshi Jindal


"Those Extra Hours"

"Those Extra Hours"

1 min 16 1 min 16

When my day ends;

Maybe at 2 or 5,

A.M. or P.M. let's not decide;

My thoughts bend.

I silently slouch,

Not on the bed, but on the couch.

Holding my phone, I scroll Instagram,

Oh, look! Her story, her post, and his fame,

Is it all true or just some scam??

My body and mind tired

And my thoughts are weirdly wired.

Do I try to unravel them?

Of course, not, maybe a fool I am!!

Questioning self-worth, esteem, and several other layers,

I stumble, is it fair to compare?

For what I think, comparing works in a weird way,

Depends on 'YOUR' state of mind and how was your day!!

Warning - do not compare when feeling frustrated or worthless,

As it will not help and will surely create a mess.

Do it to get inspired or motivated,

Maybe you get direction or your thoughts get concentrated.

Still, I'll suggest;

"Those stunts are performed under experts supervision,

And no one bet to know the results or have previsions!!

These hefty words I usually repeat,

To give my notions a resting seat.

As they rest, I try my best,

To keep aside my phone but now what's next???

Don't want these thoughts to distract me more,

So I pile them up and keep them stored.

After spending these extra hours in thought's heap,

I waste another hour just to sleep...

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