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Ishan Toraskar

Drama Others


Ishan Toraskar

Drama Others

These Days Will Pass ...

These Days Will Pass ...

2 mins

An unknown virus with a crown

Caused a world wide Lockdown.

It spread to the west and to the east ,

Like a dreadful and cruel beast.

It's engulfing lives by crossing all the boundaries,

Affected health and economy of almost all the countries.

Pandemic and Quarantine terms rarely heard ,

Now a days it has become the most common word.

Red dragon seems happy and smiling with pride,

Is it unaware of the fact, the whole world is uniting on the other side?

It shut all the businesses, shops, and offices,

And not spared even schools and colleges.

Lonely streets and empty grounds, 

An atmosphere filled with silent sound.

Everyone is at home still missing the cheer,

All minds are filled with some unknown fear.

Missing our visitors from the outside,

Meeting friends, hugging them and chatting side by side.

People repelling each other not showing care and humanity,

Humans are God's best creation not meant for such selfish mentality.

Doctors, scientists and police are the new warriors,

We all need to just support them by preventing being a carrier.

These days will also pass and will be called history,

Evil will be ruined one day and Goodwill get the victory.

So friends let's not get drown into the dark night,

Stay Happy, Healthy and Positive for the future is bright.

Social distancing, hand sanitisation and wearing masks is the new trio,

Will surely break the chain and change the whole scenario.

For the years to come, these are the new norms,

Life is still beautiful as before just changing its form.

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